Sunday, December 23, 2012

Cleansing with Bentonite Clay

Hello Natural Hair Enthusiast! If you are looking for an alternative to harsh clarifying shampoos you may want to give Bentonite Clay a try. I introduce this wonder powder to my regimen over two years ago and I have yet to be disappointed.  What I love about it is that it  cleanse my hair without leaving it feeling dry or stripped. My hair is always very soft and defined with each rinse. To cleanse your hair with Bentonite clay all you need is a small bowl, Aztec Healing Clay, apple cider vinegar, and water.  Apply the mask you want to stir to a creamy paste consistency.(It can clump up a lot so try to pour liquids and stir quickly to minimize the lumps)    

Apply the Paste to your hair in sections, from nape to crown.  Cover with a Plastic Cap for 20 mins, rinse and add your Deep Conditioner.  Bentonite Clay can also be used as mask for deep pore cleansing facials, and actually it is marketed for facials and can be found in the skin care department in most natural grocery food stores. (I've purchased from Whole Foods or Sprouts)     

How do you clarify your hair?  Have you ever tried  Bentonite Clay? 

Sunday, December 9, 2012

How to make it through that "Awkard" Length

Don't know how to deal with your hair now that your teeny Weenie Afro(TWA) is trying to grow out?  Don't worry you are not alone!  This has been a common issue as many big chopped naturals seek to grow out their short natural hair. I've spoken to women who refuse to let their super short do's grow out because they are afraid of what awaits them on the other side. Styling and Detangling is at the top of the list!  Your twa was Cute,  Sassy, and easy to manage! I was so in love with my twa that I am sure I was calling it a twa when it was way past that phase?  I didn't want to let it go because I  didn't know what to call it once it had grown sightly past my ears, and not only did I not know what to call it, I wasn't sure how to style it!   I had become a Wash n Go Queen because that was all I knew how to do!    But between 5 and 7 inches long my wash n Go look wasn't quite doing it for me anymore so I had to start figuring something out!

Played around with Puff Options

Over 2 years ago I started to experiment with styling my natural hair. Very intimidating as I was not accustom to styling cottony, kinky, coily hair and making it look presentable. I  didn't want to walk around with a mid size tightly coiled fro all the time. So I got in the mirror and got to work!  You don't have to be a "hair person" to become good at styling your hair.  I put my self on a 21 day styling/wear your own hair challenge(because I would retreat under wigs or  braids when I became frustrated) And let me tell you,  most of those styling days were a Bust!! ....It hurts me to show you some of these "fails" but here goes...... I couldn't even do a simple twist out?! (I have plenty of failed styles to share, but there is not enough room on this page for that : ) So I'm sharing some of my attempts at the twist out.

aaaaah...My failed Twist outs

Twist outs seem to be the easiest style for a newly natural to execute, and I couldn't get it down to save my life!  If it didn't look like I'd stuck my finger it a light socket, I was walking around looking like I just rolled out of bed, even though I'd spent 3 hours on my hair the night before.  It was quite frustrating and I wasn't comfortable with my hair, because it wasn't how I wanted to look.   But I pushed forward in my efforts to style my hair at this length and eventually it started to pay off! And it will for you too! 

My mid-length Style 

That awkward length where your natural hair isn't considered short or long can be frustrating style- wise but you will get through it, it just takes patience to figure out what works for you and your hair. Don't give up, it will come together Trust me!!(Major tip to creating a beautiful natural hair style:  Make sure your hair is fully dry before you take down your sets, if its a wash n go, keep your fingers out of your hair.  This will minimize frizz and keep your definition)    To learn more about my journey and how I learned to "work it out" Follow me here at    Until Next time! 

Celebrating Mid-Length Natural Hair

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

My 8 week Mini Twist Challenge

Well it is time for another mini twist break!!  You guys know I love mini twists but lately I haven't been able to commit to the style for longer than 2 weeks.  That will not work if I plan to see a significant jump in the health of my hair.  But thankfully,  I know that if I place my self on a challenge I have a better chance of making it.  I've decided that I want to "guarantee" another inch of uninterrupted growth going into the new year because I plan to flat iron my hair for the first time in over two years, and will do a length check.  (Excited!)  Okay SO...This twist challenge will take me into the New Year.   My hair thrives in protective styles, styles where there is very little manipulation,NO detangling, and No knots to deal with. 

 So here is what I am doing......

First Set 11/17/12  Cleansed and Deep Conditioned with Aubrey Organics GPB for strengthinging.. Moisturized, used IC Polisher heat protectant and Blew hair out using the tension method.. I blow my hair out on medium heat with cool shots. I like doing this because it keeps my roots stretched  for clean parting. (no snags or cross chairs getting pulled into neighboring twists. If the parts aren't clean I end up with cross hairs that could break later with handling). Also I don't blow my hair out bone dry I like to leave some moisture for manageability and to keep it from drying out too much as I twist. 
Blow out 

I will be wearing my twist up 98% of the time, moisturizing daily, doing scalp massages every other day, and sealing my ends with Black Jamaican Castor oil.   I also use Hydratherma Natural's Follicle Invigorator on my scalp and edges to keep them strong.  My styling will stay pretty simple:  buns, updo's and rodded twist styles..(I do not wash my hair while wearing mini-twists, I just keep my scalp clean..washing adds to a tangly take down for me). I do plan to do hot oil treatments with Organic Coconut oil, and Extra Virgin Olive oil. This will keep my hair soft and conditioned.

This first set will come down on 12/8/12. I will wear a twist out for 2 days.. Detangle, Cleanse with Mud Wash, Henna, Deep Condition with Aubrey Organcis HoneySuckle Rose..Stretch, blow out and Retwist for another 4 weeks!      How will you protect your hair this winter?  


Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Happy November Everybody! It's my favorite month of the year because so many exciting things are happening around this time  for me. I always looking forward to the Fall season. The  pleasant weather and my birthday are always highlights for me! Also, Nappiology DFW has their Annual Expo around this time so I am in fall heaven. The highlight of the expo is actually hanging out with people I love as we celebrate our natural hair, and the events are always a bonus!  Kim Coles was actually in attendance this year and had her on workshop. It was Hilarious..She is so down to earth and funny we loved her Class.  She shared her natural hair journey, her journey as a Hollywood actress, as well as some valuable life lessons on forgiveness and humility. It was really good!   

Kim Coles In living Color!
As for the vendor booths, The person who I most wanted to be there(Jane Carter) was not in attendace, you can usually get her products for $5 & $10. So, I didn't buy many products. I purchased a professional "natural" line called Isabella's Own because of the size of the jars. We'll see how it pans out. It's not All natural so I'm a little turned off by that.   Overall I loved it, I met a lot of  new people, and I also ran into a lot of people that I knew it was refreshing.
Chanel and I met once during the  first Yr of our Journey!

Also, I had the pleasure of attending My sister n Law's Annual Gala. Many generous people come out to support her Campaign against Hunger in Texas, it's quite amazing. She pulls out all the stops and our entire family is so proud of everything she does for our community, and we are delighted to claim her! 

Hubby,Darrin,Tracey, &  CJ (sis)

And Happy 38th Birthday to me! It is always a blessing to get another year  under my belt. It's just a reminder of how good God has been to me!  Gifts are ALWAYS nice, but I am just grateful that  I am constantly surrounded by His Love, I thank Him for salvation and the people who love me! ...AND

 My Mom is in town!  She spent the entire day with me for my birthday!(I don't know why I didn't take any photos with her today! So, I  had to put one together!)  I am happy!    Until Next time....  

Keep your life Healthy and Happy!! 


Monday, October 22, 2012

Fall Blow Out!

Blow out/Plait n curl
It's been almost a year since I've blown my hair out, and I was very shocked with how full and long its gotten. Below is a comparison Pic of when I blew my hair out last year before styling.
11/2012-10/2012 Blow out & style

My process takes about 2 hours!  I don't believe in using the blow dryer on High its not necessary to stretch out the hair, and it's always on low to medium heat with occasional cool shots. I am also very careful with my ends.  (I deep condition, moisturize and use a heat protectant prior to the session) My hair always feels soft and moisturized when I'm done, and so easy to style..  

Now, I am seriously thinking about blowing my hair out more often because it keeps  my hair stretched and I don't have to worry about  frequent tangles or single strand knots. (Which are enemies to my length retention!)  However, being the healthy hair enthusiast that I am, I will have to compare and contrast the pros and cons of possible blowing out my hair more frequently.   We shall see!   

How often do you blow out your Natural Hair? 

Friday, October 5, 2012

How Healthy is your Hair?

Do you stress over the health of your hair?  I've been on this journey for a while, and I've finally learned not to stress over every little imperfection entangled in my mane.  So what is Healthy Hair? I use to believe  it was hair that is free from splits ends, knots, or a word PERFECT.  But, one fact keeps me grounded when it comes to what I should expect from my efforts is that hair is NOT alive. It is a fiber similar to an article of clothing that we have to preserve to keep it looking nice.   I liken it to my favorite blouse or my favorite pair of jeans; no matter how expensive, or how well I take care of it, that piece of clothing can and will become damaged or aged over time.

Wash Day..Post Henna

The simple act of washing your hair can  damage it! The constant expanding and contacting due to water entering your strands can cause your hair to become fatigue, but you can't stop washing your hair?  Just like you can't stop washing your favorite blouse or having it dry cleaned.  Am I saying throw everything to the dogs and stop putting so much into preserving your hair? Of Course Not!  But what I am saying is  lets not stress over it so much.(And stress cause breakage too! ) Healthy Hair is hair that is well preserved, and a healthy head of hair can experience split ends, breakage and knots, but it doesn't mean that your hair is all together unhealthy.   

If you experience split ends or knots, trim them off? Some are forced errors and some are just a fact of life, aging hair splits, and splits will happen whether or not you use heat or chemicals. (heat does increase your chances though!)  But my point is, if you are doing everything you know to maintain healthy hair, and you are still experiencing occasional knots, splits or minor breakage. Don't Stress over it! Damage happens. Our hair will not be perfect all the time, because it is a fiber that can only be preserved. So don't be so hard on yourself.  If you are not experiencing massive hair loss or major hair breakage, but you're still annoyed; just take the time to examine what may have changed in your hair care routine, correct it, and move on. 

Two Strand twists.wearing for 2 weeks

Here's to preserving our Healthy Happy Hair! 

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Trader Joe's Comes to North Dallas!

I'm Officially In love with Trader Joe's!! 

Conditioners, Shampoos, Jojoba oil 

 Yaaaay! Sept 7th Trader Joe's made it's arrival in North Dallas! Let me tell you, I have been hearing about Trader Joe's since I began my natural hair journey 4 years ago.   I use to watch youtube videos with all these women raving over Trader Joe's conditioner.  I was dying to try this "new" brand of conditioner only to find out that it was not just a brand of conditioner but an entire organic food store!  And there was not ONE  anywhere in the Dallas/Ft Worth area..  But, thankfully I had a friend whose mother cared enough to send her care packages from Atlanta, GA, she gave me three bottles and oh my gosh I was hooked!   But the only problem was, once they were gone, that was it!   So when I got the news that we were getting a Trader Joe's, not just one but three, I was like WOW I could not wait...So needless to say I was there on opening Day!

My 3rd Trip! : )

Trader Joe's hasn't been here a week and I've already been 3 Times. I know it's kind of crazy but I can;t help it! They are so inexpensive I couldn't believe the prices for their produce and all of their organic food.  We are not use to getting this kind of  food for such great prices. I've been turning all of my family and friends on to Trader Joe's and they love it too!  My hair, my stomach, and my pocket book is very pleased. 

This is the beginning of a BEAUTIFUL relationship!

Long live Organic Eating and Healthy Hair Care!! 


Saturday, August 18, 2012

It's a Henna  Party! 
H3 Volunteer (Felisha) assisting with Henna Application
This weekend I had the pleasure of speaking to a group of  Healthy Hair seekers regarding the Benefits of using Henna, Cassia,  and Amla  powder in their hair care regimens!  I just love doing these "informational" parties!  3 Sisters Beauty Supply located near my home town does a great job of staying connected to their customers and their healthy hair journeys.  When the owners asked if I would come and speak to their customers about the benefits of using Henna. You know I jumped at the chance!   

Me with 3 Sister's Beauty Supply Store owner

For a Friday Night  we had a pretty good turn out, the women had many questions about the benefits of using henna, Cassia, Amla, and Indigo..  Many of them just wanted stronger healthier hair..

Our lovely group of women

There I am!
Others had questions about how they could successfully cover their grays using Henna, Amla and or Indigo! Everyone's situation was unique. And I welcomed their various questions.  Those who currently has hair that's been previously colored with chemicals wanted to know if it was safe to use henna over it. And if you've been following me you know the answer to this one.  Absolutely. Yes!  If it's Body Arty Quality Henna(and not a compound Henna) It is safe! 
H3 Volunteer Erica!

She's enjoying her beauty treatment! 

Henna is a messy job, but it is also therapeutic and fun! We did approx 13 Henna & Amla treatments for those who wanted to take a chance right then and their, the other women were content with the wealth of information for future use.   It's always good to do your research, harvest your hair and do test runs if you can.  Seek the advice of others who are experienced with using Henna before jumping in.  You can also schedule your own Henna party with me if your are local, or with friends who are very informed if you are distant.  I've been using these treatments for years and they make me and my hair happy!  : )

Me and My team! I love these ladies!

Well that's a Rap!! Until Next time.. Keep it Healthy and Happy!!! 

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Natural Hair Care Products: Are there too many to choose from?

Three tips on  how you can avoid becoming a Product Junkie

I've noticed with the rapid increase in our women returning to their natural roots. The selection of Natural hair care products available are also increasing at an overwhelming rate.  When I began my natural hair journey,  I only knew of a few natural hair care products on the market.  Carol's Daughter,  Black Earth Products by Taalijah Waajid , and Raw African Shea Butter! But these days choosing a natural hair product may not be that simple.  They all seem to promise everything that we want. Moisture, curl definition, stretch, slip, softness, and shine!   

So, how do we decide what to buy without breaking the bank and earning the infamous title of Product Junkie?   Below are some things I've tried to keep me in check when deciding to purchase Natural Hair Care products.  

1. Assess what your primary hair care needs are, and start purchasing your products accordingly:  try not to move on to anything extra until you satisfy what's most important.  For example,  If you are having issues with keeping your hair moisturized and you've yet to find a product to give your hair what it needs in this area; then keep your focus on finding the product or ingredients that will give you exactly what you need.  Try to resist purchasing 3 or 4 curl definers or detangling leave in conditioners if you've already found one that works well for your hair. (Exception: UNLESS,  you find room for improvement in one of the areas below. 

2. Decide how you want to receive your products:  There are a ton of wonderful products out there that work. Some are local and most of them are available for online purchase only depending on where you live.    For some of us, purchasing online to get  what we want is not a problem, and for others we want to walk into a local retain shop and grab what we want when we want.  If you know you are not one of those who will continue to order products on line, pay  expensive shipping charges, and wait 7 business days to get it, why get sucked in? Seriously! This is a hard lesson,  I had to learn it, so I could  share it with you.  Be real with your self.  If purchasing your hair products online for the rest of your life doesn't bother you then, do so.. But if you are a local person, look for what you need on the ground. This can save you a lot of  money.    

3. Decide how much you want to  spend on your products long term.  Lets be real, there are some natural products out here that are insanely expensive. I'm talking 48.00 for an 8 oz jar of conditioner! Now for me I know I have too much hair to spend that much on a jar of conditioner. I typically go through an 8 oz jar in two sessions!  I know we can  get curious about how some things will work on our hair, but if you know this is not an expense that you will want to continue why start? Try purchasing your products in a price range that make sense to you, and that you are willing to keep up.

These are my 3 tips for purchasing natural hair care products the smart way, what's yours?  

Thursday, July 26, 2012

3 Remedies for an Itchy Scalp

Having an Itchy scalp can be very annoying. Some people may know why they suffer from an itchy scalp, for example they may have dandruff, psoriasis or eczema, and others have no clue!  Whether you know what causes your discomfort or not there are remedies that can help sooth your itchy scalp. First, if you don’t know you have to find out what is causing your scalp to itch.  If you know that you don’t typically have dandruff, and that you have not been diagnosed with a more serious scalp condition, you will have to pay attention to your product’s ingredients and keep a clean scalp.  Some chemicals and ingredients in certain products can cause a reaction called Contact Dermatitis. This means that something you used caused a serious allergic reaction and your scalp responded by flaking up really bad, itching like crazy or both!   There are many reasons why you could be experiencing an itchy scalp but the above mentions are a great place to start.  Below I have listed some simple remedies for soothing an itchy scalp.  


Remedy 1 Clean your scalp:  Products can build up on the scalp causing it to become itchy. You don’t have to wash your hair every day, but you can cleanse your scalp with a mild Apple Cider Vinegar and water mixture; just use a cloth to scrub your scalp.  Apple Cider Vinegar detoxifies the scalp and helps to remove dirt and build up from your scalp. When your scalp can’t breathe, it will become itchy.  (For those of you who wear wigs or weaves, you know exactly what I’m talking about!)  So keep your scalp clean.     

Remedy 2 Use Lemon oil:   Lemon is an antiseptic for your scalp, and when mixed with a carrier oil, it can significantly reduce an itchy scalp. I typically use Vatika Oil to massage my scalp because it contains enough lemon for me.  But you can make your own concoction for example Olive oil and Lemon. Olive oil is actually an antifungal treatment when used on the scalp and can be used to fight bacteria, mixing the two together may prove to be a powerful home remedy! 

Contains Lemon Oil

Remedy 3 Ayurvedic Clay Treatments:   Powerful Indian Herbs like Amla, Brandi, Neem Powder, Henna, and Cassia Obovata, all of these treatments are widely used in Ayurvedic medicine to alleviate scalp issues like Dandruff, Dermatitis, and Psoriasis.   

Don’t let your scalp cramp your style! Identify the problem, treat it, and stay consistent. (Of course if you have tried these home remedies consistently and none of them seem to work you should definitely see a Dermatologist or Trichologist for medical advice.)

 Until Next time!!! 

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Retain Length with "Natural" Mini-Braids!

Mini Braids removal; a 1/2 inch of length gained! 

Style to hide remaining mini braids

I finally removed all of my mini braid it took 8 days. Yep 8 days! (I was really busy that week)  As I unraveled a few of the braids I would twist them with conditioner and oil.. and hide the remaining braids amongst my twists... (in the pic above there are about 30 braids in my pompadour..wore a twist out for an outing, and put back in twists until I finished) The take down was tedious and very time consuming, and although I was not fond of the take down I really did enjoy wearing my  braids. I was able to wash, condition, and deep condition without being too concerned with shrinkage.  

                                                                                     Wet Mini Braids

These braids were very easy to wash, I simply mixed Apple Cider Vinegar and Water, and then followed with a Cowash.  I added my leave in, and oil, and then  I stretched them slightly in ponytail holders 

Dry Mini Braids days later

Twist out after removing braids

While in my braids I consistently moisturized,oiled my scalp, and sealed my hair strands.  I had minor frizzing but not noticeable.   I was able to retain at least a 1/2 inch of new growth(and I measured to be sure!) So I really enjoyed this protective style,and will revisit it in the very FAR (only because that take down was too time consuming).   My hair has been out for almost a week,  and it's time to put it back into another protective style.. I think I will be doing Medium size twists. : )     

What are you doing to keep your hair protected this Summer? Are you planning on switching it up?

Well! Until Next time! 

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Hair Growth Oils: My top 3 picks!

Hello Natural beauties!  As many of you know, when it comes to Natural Oils, there is no shortage of oils to choose from.  There are so many wonderful oils with needful properties that it can be difficult to settle on a few staples, because they all have something we want! Also scientific research has shown that certain oils in particular are superior when it comes to scalp and hair health.  Whether your primary goal is to have a healthy scalp, nourished strands, or to stimulate more growth, you can rest assure there’s a natural oil out there that can help you achieve your goal!  During my healthy hair journey I have used a LOT of oils, and one day I will take time to blog about the benefits of each, But today I want to share a few of my front runners!

Extra Virgin Olive oil
I personally use this oil every single day! One of the best advantages of using this oil is it acts as an antioxidant in that it helps cure hair loss. Olive oil actually fights off harmful hormones that cause hair loss.  Olive oil is also an excellent hair conditioner, and perfect for hot oil treatments. It also seals in moisture well. I also use Olive oil to add shine to my hair; hands down it is the only oil that has been able to give my hair the shine I want.

Hair sealed with Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Vatika Oil   
Vatika Oil is Coconut oil that has been infused with Lemon, Amla, Henna, and 5 other essential herbs! Vatika has been coined by some as coconut oil on steroids! I can understand why some would say that. The benefits of Henna coats and protects the strands, Amla strengthens the roots of your hair, and maintains the color, while the lemon acts as an astringent for your scalp. I often massage my scalp with this oil because it helps with “itchy scalp” and dandruff that you can experience, especially when wearing long term protective styles.  I also pre-poo with Vatika oil,  the coconut oil allows for a deeper penetration into the hair shaft carrying with it the other 8 herbs that infused into its base!  I absolutely love this oil and it remains as my staple.

Sesa Oil
This oil is a powerful weapon for stimulating hair growth and it really nourishes your hair at the same time.  Sesa oil contains over 20 Ayurvedic herbs! The first ingredient is Bhringraj, an herb that derives from an Eclipta Alba plant used in Ayurvedic medicines, and especially for men experiencing male pattern baldness. (Now, that is what really got my attention). I use this to massage my scalp, and to nourish my hair, it helps to protect my hair and aids in length retention. You can also use it as a hot oil treatment... I love how soft my hair feels after treating it with Sesa oil!

So, these are my top three picks, what are your favorite healthy hair oils?     

Saturday, June 2, 2012

My Summer Protective Style Challenge

Mini braids
Greetings Healthy Hair Enthusiasts!  Summer is here, and in Dallas we are really feeling the heat!  We are already in the upper 90’s and I've decided that it is way too hot to leave my hair out.  When it’s this hot  I can feel the heat drying out my hair something fierce so,  I've decided that I want to place myself on a protective style challenge. Not only to keep most of my moisture in, but to also cut down on the minor breakage from my detangling and styling.

My Hair prior to detangling 

My go to protective style using my natural hair is typically Mini twists, but I decided to switch it up this time and try mini braids or plaits.  When I use to wear braid extensions, I use to love how long I could leave those in, and washing and conditioning was a breeze! 

Mini braids with open ends

I installed these on May 27th.  initially I braided leaving out 2 inches on the ends to define.  I left them this way for less than a day.  I didn’t feel I had the luxury of leaving my ends out so I braided them all the way down.  I want to cut down on single strand knots during this time as well, so keeping the hair as stretched as possible will help me accomplish this.  

I plan to keep these in for at least 4 weeks.  I will cleanse, take them down, Henna, deep condition and will put them back into mini braids or mini twists through Sept 27th...My 3 Year Anniversary!! (Will leave my hair out no more than 2 days in between sets)   While my PS is in, I will Co wash and deep condition alternating with AO GPB and Dessert Essence Coconut conditioner. I will also be using Hydratherma Natural’s Follicle invigorator spray on my scalp, and hair.  I will also use their Hair growth oil for sealing..   Vatika Oil will also be used,  because of the lemon that’s infused into this oil it prevents my scalp from itching.  There’s also Amla and traces of Henna in this oil which should help strengthen my roots and hair as well.  I’m excited about this challenge, I never make it on other people’s PS challenges I do better when I have my own conviction for doing them.  My goal is to minimize halo breakage from detangling, reduce single strand knots, and of course to retain length!   What will your Summer Healthy Hair Regimen Be?

Until Next Time! Keep it healthy and happy!