Sunday, August 12, 2012

Natural Hair Care Products: Are there too many to choose from?

Three tips on  how you can avoid becoming a Product Junkie

I've noticed with the rapid increase in our women returning to their natural roots. The selection of Natural hair care products available are also increasing at an overwhelming rate.  When I began my natural hair journey,  I only knew of a few natural hair care products on the market.  Carol's Daughter,  Black Earth Products by Taalijah Waajid , and Raw African Shea Butter! But these days choosing a natural hair product may not be that simple.  They all seem to promise everything that we want. Moisture, curl definition, stretch, slip, softness, and shine!   

So, how do we decide what to buy without breaking the bank and earning the infamous title of Product Junkie?   Below are some things I've tried to keep me in check when deciding to purchase Natural Hair Care products.  

1. Assess what your primary hair care needs are, and start purchasing your products accordingly:  try not to move on to anything extra until you satisfy what's most important.  For example,  If you are having issues with keeping your hair moisturized and you've yet to find a product to give your hair what it needs in this area; then keep your focus on finding the product or ingredients that will give you exactly what you need.  Try to resist purchasing 3 or 4 curl definers or detangling leave in conditioners if you've already found one that works well for your hair. (Exception: UNLESS,  you find room for improvement in one of the areas below. 

2. Decide how you want to receive your products:  There are a ton of wonderful products out there that work. Some are local and most of them are available for online purchase only depending on where you live.    For some of us, purchasing online to get  what we want is not a problem, and for others we want to walk into a local retain shop and grab what we want when we want.  If you know you are not one of those who will continue to order products on line, pay  expensive shipping charges, and wait 7 business days to get it, why get sucked in? Seriously! This is a hard lesson,  I had to learn it, so I could  share it with you.  Be real with your self.  If purchasing your hair products online for the rest of your life doesn't bother you then, do so.. But if you are a local person, look for what you need on the ground. This can save you a lot of  money.    

3. Decide how much you want to  spend on your products long term.  Lets be real, there are some natural products out here that are insanely expensive. I'm talking 48.00 for an 8 oz jar of conditioner! Now for me I know I have too much hair to spend that much on a jar of conditioner. I typically go through an 8 oz jar in two sessions!  I know we can  get curious about how some things will work on our hair, but if you know this is not an expense that you will want to continue why start? Try purchasing your products in a price range that make sense to you, and that you are willing to keep up.

These are my 3 tips for purchasing natural hair care products the smart way, what's yours?  


EarthlyReality said...

Nice tips, I am so happy I am over my product junkie ways.

Chan said...

Thanks you EarthlyReality it is a nice feeling to just be settled...can you say Sweet Peace! There's always going to be something new coming out that's claiming to be better than what we are already using, but at the end of the day we have to be settled if what we have is working for us.