Tuesday, November 27, 2012

My 8 week Mini Twist Challenge

Well it is time for another mini twist break!!  You guys know I love mini twists but lately I haven't been able to commit to the style for longer than 2 weeks.  That will not work if I plan to see a significant jump in the health of my hair.  But thankfully,  I know that if I place my self on a challenge I have a better chance of making it.  I've decided that I want to "guarantee" another inch of uninterrupted growth going into the new year because I plan to flat iron my hair for the first time in over two years, and will do a length check.  (Excited!)  Okay SO...This twist challenge will take me into the New Year.   My hair thrives in protective styles, styles where there is very little manipulation,NO detangling, and No knots to deal with. 

 So here is what I am doing......

First Set 11/17/12  Cleansed and Deep Conditioned with Aubrey Organics GPB for strengthinging.. Moisturized, used IC Polisher heat protectant and Blew hair out using the tension method.. I blow my hair out on medium heat with cool shots. I like doing this because it keeps my roots stretched  for clean parting. (no snags or cross chairs getting pulled into neighboring twists. If the parts aren't clean I end up with cross hairs that could break later with handling). Also I don't blow my hair out bone dry I like to leave some moisture for manageability and to keep it from drying out too much as I twist. 
Blow out 

I will be wearing my twist up 98% of the time, moisturizing daily, doing scalp massages every other day, and sealing my ends with Black Jamaican Castor oil.   I also use Hydratherma Natural's Follicle Invigorator on my scalp and edges to keep them strong.  My styling will stay pretty simple:  buns, updo's and rodded twist styles..(I do not wash my hair while wearing mini-twists, I just keep my scalp clean..washing adds to a tangly take down for me). I do plan to do hot oil treatments with Organic Coconut oil, and Extra Virgin Olive oil. This will keep my hair soft and conditioned.

This first set will come down on 12/8/12. I will wear a twist out for 2 days.. Detangle, Cleanse with Mud Wash, Henna, Deep Condition with Aubrey Organcis HoneySuckle Rose..Stretch, blow out and Retwist for another 4 weeks!      How will you protect your hair this winter?  


Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Happy November Everybody! It's my favorite month of the year because so many exciting things are happening around this time  for me. I always looking forward to the Fall season. The  pleasant weather and my birthday are always highlights for me! Also, Nappiology DFW has their Annual Expo around this time so I am in fall heaven. The highlight of the expo is actually hanging out with people I love as we celebrate our natural hair, and the events are always a bonus!  Kim Coles was actually in attendance this year and had her on workshop. It was Hilarious..She is so down to earth and funny we loved her Class.  She shared her natural hair journey, her journey as a Hollywood actress, as well as some valuable life lessons on forgiveness and humility. It was really good!   

Kim Coles In living Color!
As for the vendor booths, The person who I most wanted to be there(Jane Carter) was not in attendace, you can usually get her products for $5 & $10. So, I didn't buy many products. I purchased a professional "natural" line called Isabella's Own because of the size of the jars. We'll see how it pans out. It's not All natural so I'm a little turned off by that.   Overall I loved it, I met a lot of  new people, and I also ran into a lot of people that I knew it was refreshing.
Chanel and I met once during the  first Yr of our Journey!

Also, I had the pleasure of attending My sister n Law's Annual Gala. Many generous people come out to support her Campaign against Hunger in Texas, it's quite amazing. She pulls out all the stops and our entire family is so proud of everything she does for our community, and we are delighted to claim her! 

Hubby,Darrin,Tracey, &  CJ (sis)

And Happy 38th Birthday to me! It is always a blessing to get another year  under my belt. It's just a reminder of how good God has been to me!  Gifts are ALWAYS nice, but I am just grateful that  I am constantly surrounded by His Love, I thank Him for salvation and the people who love me! ...AND

 My Mom is in town!  She spent the entire day with me for my birthday!(I don't know why I didn't take any photos with her today! So, I  had to put one together!)  I am happy!    Until Next time....  

Keep your life Healthy and Happy!!