Saturday, May 18, 2013

Summer Hair Care Plans..Do you have any?

Braid out

Hello ladies!! I am behind with posting this month..please forgive me! How have you been!? Well, if you are living in the Dallas Ft worth area you have noticed that it is already getting pretty hot outside. Its not officially summer but we are already feeling the effects of it here and that typically means a revamp of hair care needs for me.   My hair is prone to dryness, and especially during the summer so wearing my hair out is very limited. The summer sun seems to just DRY my hair out and it feels like dessert sand!

Textured Banana Clip Bun
Simply wearing my hair in buns, updo's, and my signature twists isn't always enough during the summer.  I have to completely cover my hair and especially during the hottest months. So I will be wearing braids.  I also increase how much water and moisturizer I use as well as Grape seed oil to protect my hair from  heat damage.  Yes the sun gets that hot here!  I feel its equivalent to sitting under a hooded dryer, no exaggeration.     

My summer Hair Care Plan
I will spritz my hair with water and glycerin  to attract  more moisture from the air
Add Grape seed oil to my EVOO mix as a heat protectant from the sun
Moisturize Daily
Wear protective Styles ALL summer.........And that's it,  pretty simple! How will you care for your hair this summer?   

Crochet Braids recently added 

Until Next Time!