Monday, February 6, 2012

Product Junkism, are you over it yet?

 A Natural hair Confession

Would you say that you are a product junkie or that you have product curiosity?  I’d like to think of myself as being product curious.  So this is a really candid post.   Every now and then I go through what I like to call My Natural Hair Confessions.  I believe in being open and honest with myself and others, especially if I believe it will help someone with their journey.   I’m a pretty practical person with almost everything in my life. I typically don’t purchase too many things that I deem unnecessary. For example, I am not the girl, who will go out and shop just because there’s a sale.  Nor, am I the kind of woman that will go purchase off styled/trendy shoes, purses, etc…just because I “have to have them in my life?”  I like to look cute & stylish, don’t get me wrong, but it’s not something that pulls at me.   I typically build a wardrobe that I’m happy with and leave it be, until I need something else.  But for some reason when it comes to these hair products it’s a different Story?

Where My Product Curiosity began(Also Carol's Daughter not pictured)
 At 27 plus months of being all natural I’ve tried my best not to label myself as a product junkie.  I noticed a lot of women were self proclaimed PJ’s and I said I wasn’t doing that to myself. (Because I’m a practical shopper remember?)   I gave myself 6 to 12 months to try every product under the sun while I was figuring out what my hair loved, well I found that within the my first year.   I stuck with what worked for a while, but my curiosity was still peeked when too many people (with a similar hair texture) would start ranting and raving that some new conditioner or moisturizer is the BEST they’ve ever tried.  And whenever I’d hear the words softer, shiner, easy detangling, cheaper, or local, it would be over; I knew I was going to try it. (Like a junkie, I would find myself up late at night pulling out my Debit Card and placing  that order!)   And then when my new products arrive in the mail,  I am All smiles rubbing my hands together  and within the hour I am already rubbing  it on my hair!

I’ve also notice that I rarely finish a product, and I don’t let my bottles get too low before I’m trying something else, or placing another order. (Afraid that I"m missing something, or that I will  be without one drop of my beloved product.)    I actually thought at this stage I’d be over trying new products, and I guess I’m not??   Truth is,  I actually love the idea of just using one product for everything, or even one line for that matter???  But, I just love products, and not just natural hair products. Skin products too!)   Now, I won’t try any and everything, there are just way too many Natural Hair Care product lines out there.  But there are those key words that I told you about Softer, Shiner, Easy detangling, Cheaper, or Local.. These will set my antennas off every time!   But my heart’s desire is to find one line that will become my signature, and that be the end of it.
My Newest Experiment
And more Product Noisyness!

Love this! Curiosity paid off
   What's sad is that a lot of what I've tried and am trying is not even pictured.  This post would need a Part 2 inorder for me to display everything I've been curious about! So, on this year, I am going to try my best to find one line that I can be committed to.    Not to say that I won’t ever try anything else EVER again, (for fun) but I just want to see if I can at least do it!  I know many think it's cute to be a product Junkie, but I really don't think it's all that cute and really want to get over this hump.   What’s your Natural Hair Confession?  Don’t be afraid to share you might find out that you’re not alone.

Until Next time!!!