Monday, December 12, 2011

Amla Powder in the spotlight!

I love using Ayurvedic powders in my healthy hair care regimen. I started my experiment with these wonder herbs almost 3 years ago and have not looked back! I've found that there are so many wonderful healing, conditioning, and strengthen  properties in these eastern herbs that they are must in my healthy hair care regimen.  There's so much information out there about Henna, and a tad  bit about Cassia, but you rarely hear people raving about the benefits of Amla Powder. So I wanted to do my part and rave about it, because I think it deserves a lot more praise in the world of natural hair care. The benefits are amazing, and I can't see not adding it to all my other herbal treatments for optimum results!  So here's a very brief rundown of it's benefits... 

Amla powder is created from a gooseberry plant. With this powder you can make a paste that makes hair glossy, dark and Luxuriant! (Just add warm water to make the paste.)
Amla Paste

 (Post rinse: very dark and lush, my hair is not naturally black)
  Amla controls hair loss, stops hair fall, and prevents scalp infections. It also enhances waves and curl patterns in naturally curly or coily hair. (This is a plus for coily-curly haired naturals, and especially to those who have experienced  heat damage and loss of curl) 
Noticeable curl enhancement after 1 treatment, after years of flat ironing & heat damage

 Amla strengthens the roots of your hair and promote healthy hair growth.   Amla also prevents premature graying of the hair.  This is an amazing herb, for women or men with fine or medium density hair looking for more bulk,  because it keeps the hair strong at the roots,  the hair is resistant to unhealthy shedding.  
Fine to medium density( heat/color treated hair) post Cassia & Amla treatment

Fine to Medium Density hair..Post Amla
(The women in the above photos have very fine  to medium density hair, and often use Amla powder in their regimens. They enjoy fuller hair with more density and textured hair.) 
Most of my clients say they can see a noticeable difference after one treatment. You can use  Amla  as often as you like(however pay attention to how your hair responds of course and judge based on that) I use it once a month, along with my Cassia Obavota treatment.  Because the paste is pretty thick I always mix it in with my Cassia Obavota treatments since I do those monthly as well. (If you find the paste is too thick add more water and your favorite oil to loosen it up some.)   So that's my 2 cents!  If you can benefit from any of these properties, I'd suggest you give it a try. : )
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Until Next time, keep it Healthy and happy!