Tuesday, January 3, 2012

What's your 2012 Healthy Hair Goals?

Protective Style

Happy New Year Everybody! I pray that everyone had a wonderful holiday with their friends and family. I love the Holidays it such a fun time. I enjoyed playing in my hair, to which I was a little forced because I had so many Christmas parties to go to! My hair was down and out a lot more than I cared for, but it was fun. I did enjoy it!

Pinned Twist outs and Braid outs

I didn't do anything elaborate as I am very simple when it comes to styling my hair I don't like too much manipulation so twist outs and braid outs are my signature moves when it comes to creating a base for styles. I  just set the texture and pin here and there.  As I said it was a  blast, but now it's time to get back down to business!   I've had time to reflect on my hair care regimen  from 2011 and I know what I need to do and will do for most of 2012.. 

Protective Style Mini Twist

In 2012 I am keeping it simple with a protective style mini twist regimen.  I've found that I really love mini twists. They are very versatile and my hair stays very soft and moisturized when I have them in. Last year I had more trims than I cared for, and I know the mistakes I made.  My detangling was an issue, I was experiencing minor breakage, so I've switched to 97% finger detangling. I'm slowly getting to 100%  I 've also  increased how often I moisturize and seal my ends and my ends have felt a lot healthier and I have not needed a trim since I've changed the way I detangle(I will have another post coming up on that!)   So yes, I've thought about it, and my hair care is going to be very simple this year, because I want to retain every inch that I grow, I was successful in retaininig all 6 inches my first year because I wore protective styles 97% of the time. Also my ends were healthier, and healthy hair is always my first priority!

My Low manipulation Regimen for 2012

  • Cassia & Amla treatment 1x a month
  • Wash and Deep Condition every 3 weeks(add leave-ins and moisturizers)
  • Put in Mini twist wear in for 3 to 4 weeks(Keep hair moisturized and oiled)
  • Scalp cleanses only, while in twist.(moisturize and keep oiled)
             *washing my twists cause them to tangle..badly, and that is counter productive, so scalp cleanses are enough for me during this 3 week period. 

And That's it! This is basically all I will be doing. I have learned when you fine something that works for your hair, you stick with it and this is what brings results! I use to think I needed to deep condition my hair every single week. But I've since learned that the additional manipulation to detangle wreaks more havoc on my hair than not deep conditioning every week. (but trust me it's being conditioned!)  I do plan to have fun with my hair while wearing my mini twist I've gotten pretty good with my Rod sets and pin up styles!  I am looking forward to  a year filled with simple Healthy Hair Care!  What about you?  What did you learn from your hair care regime last  year? Do you plan to continue doing what you were doing, or will you switch it up to match your long term healthy hair care

Rodded & Pinned Mini Twists(2.5 wks old)

Until Next Time! : )