Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tiny 2 Strand Twists & 2 Month Challenge!

So I finally got up enough energy to try these Tiny twists! I kept putting them off but they kept calling me! So I had to give in and try them.

It took me about 8 hours, over the course of a couple days, I don't know what's the standard time for most people, but I did take a few breaks : )

I  love the back, it's so full! My hair does grow in layers and into a V in the back? It's a tad bit annoying at times,but It's all good, we'll  see happens when I reach my goal length!(APL)  

Look at how thick it looks! I added rollers here as well. 

As you can see, these are very flexible and you can do a lot of different styles with them in.  It's similar to having loose hair. 

Can't forget the Flower!
Rolled bangs w/bohemian  scarf

I  want to give my self a break from detangling and over manipulation.  So. I've decided to put my self on a 2 months twist up challenge.. I've never been in natural twists longer than a week in a half, so this will indeed be a challenge for me!  I will stay twisted up for 2 to 3 weeks at a time, break for 1 to 2 weeks to do my Cassia or Rhassoul treatments and then I will twist up again for another 2 to 3 weeks.   This challenge should end around August 21st! 1 Month away from my 2 yr anniversary! 

I've been dusting and trimming my ends all year! So I am really ready to give that a rest and get some of my inches back by keeping it protected.. I also plan to keep these moisturized, and keep frizz to a  minimum . (Introducing moisture adds frizz so trying to control that, will be interesting!)  

They're so Cute..I don't know what took me so long to try them!!

 Well,  I'm enjoying  my Healthy "Natural" Hair Journey!!  How about you? : )

Until Next time Natural beauties!!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Healthy Hair Care Regimens Saves Hair!

If you are like many women, your hair is on a very basic Regimen.  (Healthy or unhealthy you do have a regimen.)  For most, it encompasses the basic Shampoo, Condition,(maybe a chemical process) style, and repeat.  Most are not paying attention to preservation needs of their hair, it's completely cosmetic.  Also, many are  not aware that the regimen they have could be causing a lot of their hair woes such as dryness, thinning, breakage, lack of growth, and even hair loss!

 As creatures of habit, we simply do what we've always done when it comes to hair care, until severe damage occurs. This will push us into a frantic hair repair mode. When moving to repair hair care issues,  it could be a long hard road back to possessing a full head of healthy hair.  But, by proactively placing yourself on a Healthy Hair Care regimen, it will significantly  protect you against major hair issues.  It will also help you to maintain and grow out healthy hair with little to no setbacks!

Deep condition at 5 mos natural

Deep Condition @19 mos

Herbal Conditioning treatment @ 21 mos

A regimen is more than putting your hair on a schedule, but it is tailoring the needs of your hair based on it's current condition, environment, and overall goals that you desire for your hair.  However, there are some basics to hair care that should always be present no matter what your goals are.

Below is a very general 8 step guide/process in a healthy hair care regimen. (If you'd like specific regimen suggestions for your hair and or lifestyle, please contact me via email at healthyhpyhair@gmail.com)

 Diet: Health starts inside and then manifests itself outwardly. Do not neglect your bodies. What we eat and drink, will  immediately show up on our skin, nails, and our hair. Maintaining a diet with fruits, vegetables, and plenty of water does a LOT for the health and strength of our hair. You can also add a multivitamin. 

On average about once a week: 

Cleanse (Shampoo,Co-wash, or ACV rinse) as often as your hair needs it. Some prefer to cleanse every day, some every 3 days, others once a week.

Condition:  Deep condition w/ a plastic cap and heat, at least once a week with a moisturizing deep conditioner and or Protein Conditioner (To maintain a protein-moisture balance within the hair fibers)

Leave in Conditioner: Many  textured haired ladies benefit greatly from adding a leave in conditioner to the hair. This keeps the hair moisturized and balanced between washes. (If you are relaxed you can also add this step)

Moisturize:  Many African American women, or women with naturally textured hair MUST add a water-based moisturizer to the hair, this keeps the hair from drying out.  Moisturize atleast once a day.  (oil based products are not true moisturizers)

Seal:  Use an oil to seal in the moisture immediately following your moisturizer, this will create a barrier and will hold in most of the moisture that you just put in. (Try using natural oils)

Style: How you choose to style your hair can make or totally destroy the health of your hair. Eliminating heat styling with flat irons, blow dryers, and curling irons instantly adds more life expectancy to your strands. (if you must use heat, use no more than 1x per week) Find natural styling techniques that do not require heat, and also steer away from styles and accessories that add stress to the hair.  Chemical services also play a large role in damaging the hair so they should be done sparingly, or not at all for optimum health.

Protecting:  Frankly, everything that I've listed up to this point aids in protecting the hair from moderate to extreme damage.  To further protect the hair keep it off the shoulders as much as possible(buns, updo's, braids, twists etc.) Also protect the hair at night, by adding moisture before bed, and putting on a silk scarf or bonnet. 

*These 8 steps are a basic guide to keeping the hair healthy and strong, there are of course many other things that you should do to tailor a specific need, concern, or goal that you have.   Assess your hair every week to make sure it is fairing well under your current regimen. Product selection should be based on what your hair actually needs or don't need.

(If you need one on one coaching for "your"  Healthy Hair care regimen, product suggestions, and techniques,  please contact me at healthyhpyhair@gmail.com

Until next time... Be Happy and Be Blessed!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Cassia Obovata: Herbal Wonder

Cassia Obovata: Makes Hair Stronger, Fuller, Healthier

Post Cassa & Amla Treatment

Cassia Powder

Please Contact Me at healthyhpyhair@gmail.com or 817-504-9321 if you are interested in this Natural Hair Treatment for yourself!  

Cassia Obovata It is derived from a flowering desert plant, also known as "senna." It  has been referred to as neutral henna; however, cassia is not true henna. Cassia does not typically add color to the hair.

Like henna, Cassia Obovata strengthens the hair shaft, improves overall health, and adds lots of shine. Cassia Obovata will make damaged hair silky thick, and lustrous. It will also keep your scalp healthy, improving dandruff. 

Cassia Applied to Natural Hair

I typically will do a Cassia and Amla treatment once a month.  For me, when I neglect to do this treatment my hair can tell!  Cassia, like Henna deposits a coating on the hair strand which coats  the hair cuticle making it smoother,fuller, and stronger.  Hair that is chemically processed, or  naturally curly/kinky can greatly benefit from Herbal hair treatments like Cassia, because these hair types are more prone to breakage. 

 Colored Treated 

 Natural Kinky-Curly Hair

By adding Cassia Obovata to my monthly hair regimen, I give my hair and advantage in growth retention in that, my hair is more resistant to breakage and excessive shedding. Also with Amla as an added benefit it creates a healthier scalp for my hair to grow out of! It also defines my hair's natural texture keeping it Thick, Healthy, and Strong!

Pinned Sides

                                              Pony Puff

 Cassia Obovata treatments should be applied every 3 to 4 weeks to enjoy the maximum benefits.