Sunday, September 22, 2013

Fall is officially Here!

My Fall Season inspiration 

Hello healthy hair enthusiast! I hope you  enjoyed your summer?  My summer was nice and HOT.  I am definitely a Fall season girl.  It is my absolute favorite time of year!  I'm wondering if being born in the month of November has anything to do with that : )?    

The above look is one of my all time favorite natural hair/ fashion style  photos. I pull it out of my inspiration stash every single year!  Her hair color, the back ground, that jacket, the scarf, its all perfect and screams Fall is here. It's totally my style and I Love it!  Okay I'm done being  "extra" for now....  Oh and my 4 year Nappiversary is in 5 days!!! : )-

So, what do you love most about the fall, do you have any natural hair/style Inspirations for the new season? 

Monday, September 9, 2013

New Season: New Discoveries!

Pomp & Pony twist out

Hello natural beauties! How have you been? Well, its back to school time for so many and we are approaching the fall season and its time to get back down to business. I am back in school this semester and it is already consuming my "free" time! So with that being said I will be running back to my protective styling schedule asap! For the last month I've been experimenting  and I've made a few discoveries good and bad, and I wanted to share them. My  first re- discovery is that I can NOT wear my hair out in a twist out  for more than one day without re-twisting or I will have heck to pay! 

4 or 5 day twist out
In my quest to find quick low manipulation hair styles, my hair has been out more than I'd like. I typically twist or put in braids to protect and even though I love those styles I don't always like how long they take to put in or take down.  So I did try a low manipulation twist out style. No separating or re-twisting. My  plan was to untwist one time, and let may hair stay clumped.  I only moisturized, seal, put up in a pony tail and go. No manipulation.   My hair looked great and this seemed to be working..until I discovered, that huge thick knots had  formed and "closed" the ends of my twists at the nape!?? My ends were in a cacoon of sorts!  (This is the longest and curliest part of my hair.) It seriously felt like my ends were forming buds!  I couldn't believe that my hair was locking in a twist out?  Before it was over I had to cut out a couple  huge knots that I was almost sick over. So, now I know, I am not that girl!  I have to re-twist or re-plait my hair every single night if I want to wear it out . So much for low manipulation with "out "styles. 

Twisted Bantu knot out attempt

Second Discovery: My hair will NEVER dry in Bantu knots within an acceptable time.  I know that bantu knots take a while to dry but I figured if I put them in on hair that is 90% dry and add  a little product for hold it would be fine.  I sat under a hooded dryer for about 45 minutes, went to bed for 8 hours, and then used a blow dryer extensively the next  morning and my hair was still just as damp as it was when I set the knots? The above photo show my results. Not bad  at all, if my hair would have been dry, and stayed that way. But because my hair was damp in that photo and I ended up with a full fro within an hour!  I don't mind fros, but I didn't spend hours trying to  perfect that style to end up with a fro? I've always wanted to try bantu knots but this style seems very timing consuming to pull off on thick natural hair. So I will reserve knot outs for when my hair is straight or when I have 2 days for my knots to dry! Which I don't know when that will ever be.  I'd have to be snowed in because I'm not going anywhere in those knots. lol 


My Good Discovery:  The Jumbo Rake Comb by Hercules Sagemann! Oh my goodness I am in love with this comb. I saw a you tube video by Longhairdon'tcare2011 on detangling twists, and she was using this comb. I listened to her explanation and I watched the video on how the company make their combs. It is a handmade seem-less comb, with beveled teeth. I saw other videos of women who were impressed with the combs as well, and said how it made a big difference in their regimens. I've always heard seem-less was better but figured it couldn't make that much of a difference. But let me tell you it does!  Most of you know that detangling my hair is my biggest gripe. When using this comb my it just glides through my hair no snagging or ripping. I do finger detangle first  to remove  larger tangles and knots and then follow up with this comb. And as wide as the teeth are, it pulls all of  my shed hair out.  Before, I was using 3 to 4  detangling tools, when you include my fingers. I am  now down to 1! This comb also allows me to detangle larger sections so my sessions move a lot quicker.  Another plus,  my hair does not have to be sopping wet with conditioner when I detangle.  I can use this rake when my hair  is lightly misted and it still glides through.  Okay so that's it, I'm done!   I am excited to see how the quality of my strands will improve with this big change. If you are interested in trying this comb you can purchase it from

So what's new with you? Have you made any new discoveries good or bad? Please share!  

Well until Next time!!!!