Sunday, September 22, 2013

Fall is officially Here!

My Fall Season inspiration 

Hello healthy hair enthusiast! I hope you  enjoyed your summer?  My summer was nice and HOT.  I am definitely a Fall season girl.  It is my absolute favorite time of year!  I'm wondering if being born in the month of November has anything to do with that : )?    

The above look is one of my all time favorite natural hair/ fashion style  photos. I pull it out of my inspiration stash every single year!  Her hair color, the back ground, that jacket, the scarf, its all perfect and screams Fall is here. It's totally my style and I Love it!  Okay I'm done being  "extra" for now....  Oh and my 4 year Nappiversary is in 5 days!!! : )-

So, what do you love most about the fall, do you have any natural hair/style Inspirations for the new season? 


Cheleski of The Knotty Truth said...

Girl, I love my hats!!

Chan said...

Hey Cheleski!! I am actually trying to get into wearing hats more this fall. I love how they look on everyoneelse! I have just placed an order for two crochet slouch hats to be made by this lady who does them locally.

Jaleesa Talloway said...

I love hats and beenies and cool updo's! Whahahah so funny I also use that exact picture for fall inspiration :P

Chan said...

lol@ Jaleesa Girl that photo is the perfect fall inspiration! I always wanna go load up on scarves and jackets when I look at it! I just ordered a couple crochet beenies!