H3 Testimonials

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Meet Erica Simon

Executive Director of The Giving Movement
Minne’s  Food Pantry.

 Erica like many women with natural tightly curled hair wore relaxers to keep her hair straight and “manageable”.   But after countless years of visiting expensive salons to keep up her straight look. She finally decided that going natural was a better choice for her. 
Relaxed & Transitioning
  Erica transitioned for a little under 2 years, and when she finally decided to part ways with her relaxed ends, she was left with a head full of beautiful curls and a lot of possibilities. She just needed a little direction…

Erica Says:

"When I first cut off all my chemically relaxed ends, I was amazed with how full and curly my hair was! I never really saw my hair as being thick, and my decision to stop using chemicals showed me that relaxers were really thinning my hair out? I noticed while transitioning that I actually have really full hair! So I was pleased…but I didn’t’ really know what to do with my hair, or how I was going to wear it.  
All Natural Hair..w/no product added
 I would do wash n Go’s  that I would immediately throw into a low pony tail or bun.   At the time a few of my other friends had gone natural and were wearing their hair out, and they were always on me about why I wasn't wearing my hair out.   But I would just smile and kept in my faithful  low bun, or Ponytail.
Infamous sytle/bunned in back
I really did love my hair but I needed motivation on maintenance, styling, and proper natural hair care. I finally decided to give Healthy Happy Hair a try, and I am so Thankful that I did!!   I made an appointment for a consultation and a twist out style.  During the consult,  Chan allowed me ample time to communicate to her what I was having problems with; we went over what products I was using and my regimen.  She also helped me with my styling options and future goals for my hair.  When I left H3 I was well informed and very confident about my natural hair care, also the  information that I learned for my “specific” hair type was priceless!  She even emailed me a follow up report of our meeting, so I’d have a cheat sheet to follow, it was GREAT!  Now, I wear my beautiful natural hair out ALL The time!
Freshly Conditioned

Twist out by H3
I love how full and healthy and nourished it feels.  I now have weekly appointments with Healthy Happy Hair, and as a result my hair has been growing by leaps and bounds!  I LOVE my natural Hair!  Chan is the best because she really cares about Healthy Hair.  
Puff on Vacation


Trilanda discovers the Joy of Natural Hair Care!


Braid out/w flexi rods


I have been on my Healthy Hair journey going on  18 months.  I am thankful to Chan for sharing with me  the benefits of henna treatments as well as, the benefits of using natural oils  in  my hair.  From the onset, I was faithful  with my co-wash treatments and using Coconut oil or Vatika oil on my hair. (I will have to get back to doing those on a regular basis!)  I have tried various oils on this natural hair journey such as: olive oil, jojoba, emu, argon, lavender, rosemary, peppermint and grape-seed oils, but my favorites  are Olive, Emu and Argon oil.  I am also more conscious of the shampoo and conditioners that I use, by simply reading the list of ingredients, as well as checking out online reviews. Natural ingredients make a difference.  


If I could only go back 20 years ago when I first decided to relax my hair, with the knowledge I have now on what natural hair care products to use (Shampoos, conditioners, oils etc.) There is no telling where my hair would be!  To date, I probably would have still relaxed my hair, but not as often,(maybe only 2 or 3 times a year).

Tri's(relaxed hair) pictured w/one of her twin sons

  Right now I am in a transition state with my hair.  I haven’t decided fully if I am going to go 100% natural in hair texture, but I have been on an 18 month stretch! So we will see.

Natural roots approx 6.5 inches & Relaxed ends

  During this transition, I have been struggling with my hair being in 3 different textures and finding products that will help my hair lay down in the front.   I’ve also been trying different transitioning styles to help blend the textures, like braid outs w/ rods(see below) These were done via Healthy Happy Hair, and I love the results! 



My hair is much healthier now with very little split-ends,  so  I don’t have to trim as often.  So far I’m excited that this hair is happy,  and is staying in check!  Thank you Chan for sharing this valuable information with me, and my hair thanks you too! May God continue to bless you, and your business, Healthy Happy Hair!



Tameka Gets The Reassurance She Needs! 

(I had the pleasure of meeting Tameka at a natural hair meet up in 2009, she had recently Big Chopped and I was in AWE of her springy coily twa!  Although Tameka is doing a beautiful job with her hair, like a lot of us, she could use a little validation. Lets hear what she has to say) 

I've been on this natural hair journey for a little over two years now. 

Big Chop

While I feel that I do a pretty decent job maintaining my hair, I knew that there was more to learn and better techniques that I could acquire to help my hair grow healthier and stronger.. and then... Healthy Happy Hair to the rescue!  I called and made an appointment with Chan for a cassia/amla treatment and received so much more during our visit!  Chan not only educated me on the cassia/amla treatment and its benefits, but she also advised me on protein/moisture balance, sealing my ends, and tips for length retention. 

Twist Out

Chan understood and could relate to my hair frustrations and offered sincere words of encouragement.  She complimented me on my beautiful kinks and coils and reassured me that I was on the right track with maintaining my hair, and the added bonus to my visit was the boost of confidence that I felt after talking to Chan!  Thank you so much! My journey continues as I strive to achieve Good Hair, i.e., Healthy Hair, and I continue to love me, naturally!   


(To see more beautiful photos from Tameka's Healthy Hair Journey please follow this link! ) http://members.fotki.com/Live-Laugh-Love/about/


Alisha Embraces Her Newly Natural Hair!

Alisha is a  local Real Estate Agent, who I've had the pleasure of meeting through community service work.  We would often speak on hair, because I at the time,  was transitioning to natural hair. Alisha  has tried being natural  a couple times and has never quite known how to maintain it.  So after awhile,  Alisha decided to give it another shot, and chopped her relaxer off.  Needless to say, I was ecstatic that she actually went through with it!  However, the months to follow would not prove to be a easy for Miss Alisha, but  with a little help she's finally settling in.  Here is what she had to say:

"When I came to Chan I was busted & disgusted! I was  so frustrated because I didn’t know how to take care of my hair in its natural state.  I made the plunge (for the third time) to cut all my relaxed hair off and embrace ME; and then did what many of us do—hide under wigs because I didn’t know what to do with it. 

Alisha pictured w/ex Dallas Cowboy Coach

And, then  Healthy Happy Hair to the rescue….
 I called and made an appointment with Chan, and it was at that appointment where she EDUCATED me on proper hair care.  Chan advised me on everything from how to read product labels to the proper order in which to use them.  She taught me how to wash/co-wash, deep condition, and style my hair using quality products and sound techniques. I left there with a better understanding of my hair and how to maintain it!

Wash -N- GO

Puff Close-up

So, as I begin on my third (and final) journey of natural hair care, I will always be grateful to Chan for helping me learn to love & appreciate my kinks & curls!!  I now know, that GOOD HAIR = HEALTHY HAIR!!