Thursday, November 14, 2013

Braids are out! And Im digging back In!

Hey Yall!  Easy come easy go, I had to remove those braids asap! Only  2 weeks that has to be a record.  I was so excited about my styling/detangling break but hair styles must be practical for me.  If I feel hindered or bothered in any way It's over!  Those braids were so THICK and long that I couldn't do anything with them.  They were very nice down but I couldn't be productive wearing those down, and I couldn't put the braids up because they were so thick and night-time prep was a real Job! So  chilllle good riddens! 

Before going into braids I was beginning to make some bad decisions with my hair care out of sheer laziness. I was flat out tired of doing it, nor did I have the time.  I've always believed in a nice break from one's self in these situations. I had begun talking hair cuts and locs and my hubby wouldn't agree to either!!! Thus my hasty braid up decision...

Now that my hair is out I feel its time to dig in and get back to my treatments and twist regimen.  Lately my hair has been a little lack luster so can't slack now. I will keep you posted on some of my newer hair care treatments and Indian hair oils that I've stay tuned!!! Lets keep it going ladies..
Long Live Healthy Natural hair care!