Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Surgery, recovery, and a hair update.... Ladies, it's time to catch up!

So Here's your Latte!  I got mine! : ) 

What's been going on!? It's been a while since I've reached out.  I apologize, so much has been going on since the last time I was here!   You know how that can be, life has a way of taking over and sometimes overwhelming us.   When we last touched base  I was announcing my new micro lock journey, and had every intention of getting back here asap with updates on that, as well as a ton of info to share in natural hair care, growth aids, natural hair issues, concerns,  successes etc.. But every time I would think about posting something I could not get up the energy.   I found out around the time of my last post that I had to have a major surgery.   Having to  wrap my mind around everything with that, building up my energy to continue working, and planning for my 2 month leave of absence from my business was draining.   I will tell you, I have learned a couple quick lessons as it pertains to being an independent business owner needing Short Term Disability pay, 1. There is none  2. Everything is on you, so plan for it!    Seems like common sense but you just don't think about all of that until something happens.  Shoot, I was too busy working like nothing could ever effect my ability "to work."  So new business owners, please  save  or obtain insurance that will assist incase you are not able to work and make money.   If there is one thing I miss about working for someone else is not having to worry about medical insurance, short term disability, and taxes!  I so took all that stuff for granted lol.  I thank God that he has shown me what he can do!  I have truly had to rely on him during this entire time and he's come through for me thank you Jesus!    

I had my surgery about 2 weeks ago, and I am in recovery.  8 weeks total. I've been around here looking like the photo below and worse.  Primarily worse, lol!   I couldn't put too ugly of a photo on here I don't want to scare anybody : )
Thank God I had no hair worries! 

No heels for a lonnng while!  

Me , sweats, socks, and these ballet flats have been really close.. I won't know how to act when I can finally put on "real" clothes. lol.   Now even though my surgery  was 5 hours, yes 5 hours, which ultimately threw me  immediately into menopause  at the age of 39, I am doing well! I am glad that despite the hot flashes, and occasional emotional outbreaks I am encouraged and feeling well. I am moving around great and can't wait  to get back out and live my life,  Cabin Fever is real!  lol.    

As for my hair, I am now, 4 months  into locking and still loving my decision to start micro locks.   They get super frizzy and they are going through a lot of transformations.  Budding, shrinking, some bunching on a few, slippage,  but it all comes with the process of locking.  Glad I did my research and made peace before I made my decision.  I typically wear my hair in braid outs which really mask a lot of the frizzing and craziness that comes along with how your hair looks when you are locking it. Also the braid lock installation method  alone,  helps to mask that as appose to starting with coils or twists.  

So that's where I am with my hair, it is definitely more of a patience lesson with this journey because there is not a lot that you can do to your hair to help it along? You just have to wait!  So I am busying my self with other personal journeys to try and take my mind off of how long this locking process will take.  I am told it can take up to 2 years before they fully look like locks.  So yah? You can continue to follow that journey on my instagram  at chawthorne3.  

The Evolution of my Micro locks 

Well friends, that's whats been going on in my neck of the woods.   What's been going on with you? Have you been too busy to blog, vlog, research, or deal with your hair?   I know I have so much to blog about! I hear so many stories in my line of work regarding natural hair, and a lot of the stories are similar.  If so many of my clients are dealing with it I know some of you may be experiencing a bit of the same.   So stay tuned I'd like to tackle some of that to help you guys out.  It will not take me another 4 months to get back here.  I have another 6 weeks of lock down with my recovery, so I have nothing but time to post!   : )   Well Until Next time, keep your life Happy and Healthy!