Sunday, June 5, 2011

Cassia Obovata: Herbal Wonder

Cassia Obovata: Makes Hair Stronger, Fuller, Healthier

Post Cassa & Amla Treatment

Cassia Powder

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Cassia Obovata It is derived from a flowering desert plant, also known as "senna." It  has been referred to as neutral henna; however, cassia is not true henna. Cassia does not typically add color to the hair.

Like henna, Cassia Obovata strengthens the hair shaft, improves overall health, and adds lots of shine. Cassia Obovata will make damaged hair silky thick, and lustrous. It will also keep your scalp healthy, improving dandruff. 

Cassia Applied to Natural Hair

I typically will do a Cassia and Amla treatment once a month.  For me, when I neglect to do this treatment my hair can tell!  Cassia, like Henna deposits a coating on the hair strand which coats  the hair cuticle making it smoother,fuller, and stronger.  Hair that is chemically processed, or  naturally curly/kinky can greatly benefit from Herbal hair treatments like Cassia, because these hair types are more prone to breakage. 

 Colored Treated 

 Natural Kinky-Curly Hair

By adding Cassia Obovata to my monthly hair regimen, I give my hair and advantage in growth retention in that, my hair is more resistant to breakage and excessive shedding. Also with Amla as an added benefit it creates a healthier scalp for my hair to grow out of! It also defines my hair's natural texture keeping it Thick, Healthy, and Strong!

Pinned Sides

                                              Pony Puff

 Cassia Obovata treatments should be applied every 3 to 4 weeks to enjoy the maximum benefits.


mine said...

hello, please i will really appreciate it if i can get to know who braids your hair. i stay in dallas tx.

Chan said...

Hi, mine! I actually thought I left a reply to your comment on my Braiding post. The lady who braided my hair in that particular blog post is Jackie w/Designs by Jackie..Frisco, Tx.

Micah Hutley said...

Hello. I was just wondering how you use this treatment. I'm new to natural hair. Could you please summarize your regimen when using this herbal product. Thank you!!!

The Divine Hostess said...

Very helpful info!