Saturday, June 2, 2012

My Summer Protective Style Challenge

Mini braids
Greetings Healthy Hair Enthusiasts!  Summer is here, and in Dallas we are really feeling the heat!  We are already in the upper 90’s and I've decided that it is way too hot to leave my hair out.  When it’s this hot  I can feel the heat drying out my hair something fierce so,  I've decided that I want to place myself on a protective style challenge. Not only to keep most of my moisture in, but to also cut down on the minor breakage from my detangling and styling.

My Hair prior to detangling 

My go to protective style using my natural hair is typically Mini twists, but I decided to switch it up this time and try mini braids or plaits.  When I use to wear braid extensions, I use to love how long I could leave those in, and washing and conditioning was a breeze! 

Mini braids with open ends

I installed these on May 27th.  initially I braided leaving out 2 inches on the ends to define.  I left them this way for less than a day.  I didn’t feel I had the luxury of leaving my ends out so I braided them all the way down.  I want to cut down on single strand knots during this time as well, so keeping the hair as stretched as possible will help me accomplish this.  

I plan to keep these in for at least 4 weeks.  I will cleanse, take them down, Henna, deep condition and will put them back into mini braids or mini twists through Sept 27th...My 3 Year Anniversary!! (Will leave my hair out no more than 2 days in between sets)   While my PS is in, I will Co wash and deep condition alternating with AO GPB and Dessert Essence Coconut conditioner. I will also be using Hydratherma Natural’s Follicle invigorator spray on my scalp, and hair.  I will also use their Hair growth oil for sealing..   Vatika Oil will also be used,  because of the lemon that’s infused into this oil it prevents my scalp from itching.  There’s also Amla and traces of Henna in this oil which should help strengthen my roots and hair as well.  I’m excited about this challenge, I never make it on other people’s PS challenges I do better when I have my own conviction for doing them.  My goal is to minimize halo breakage from detangling, reduce single strand knots, and of course to retain length!   What will your Summer Healthy Hair Regimen Be?

Until Next Time! Keep it healthy and happy! 


Kellye Walker said...

I love your hair!! Did you a lot of protective styling when your hair was shorter? I just made one year natural on June 10th and I plan on doing protective styles throughout the summer as well...any suggestions on PS?

Chan said...

Hi Kellye! Thanks for visiting and thank you so much for your beautiful compliment! Congrats on making it one year!! Good job! and Yes I most definitely did a lot of protective styles during my first year. I wore braid extensions mostly and 1/2 wigs...I can definitely say I got the most length retention when I was wearing my braids during year 1. This reflection has lead me back to braiding up for protection today. Check out my blog post on braiding for Growth, I have photos of how much length I retain that first year...I also have a post on protective for that as well... There are so many options to choose from but twists and braids are my faves! Thanks again for stopping by and don't forget to subscribe! God's blessings to you on this week..: )