Sunday, December 9, 2012

How to make it through that "Awkard" Length

Don't know how to deal with your hair now that your teeny Weenie Afro(TWA) is trying to grow out?  Don't worry you are not alone!  This has been a common issue as many big chopped naturals seek to grow out their short natural hair. I've spoken to women who refuse to let their super short do's grow out because they are afraid of what awaits them on the other side. Styling and Detangling is at the top of the list!  Your twa was Cute,  Sassy, and easy to manage! I was so in love with my twa that I am sure I was calling it a twa when it was way past that phase?  I didn't want to let it go because I  didn't know what to call it once it had grown sightly past my ears, and not only did I not know what to call it, I wasn't sure how to style it!   I had become a Wash n Go Queen because that was all I knew how to do!    But between 5 and 7 inches long my wash n Go look wasn't quite doing it for me anymore so I had to start figuring something out!

Played around with Puff Options

Over 2 years ago I started to experiment with styling my natural hair. Very intimidating as I was not accustom to styling cottony, kinky, coily hair and making it look presentable. I  didn't want to walk around with a mid size tightly coiled fro all the time. So I got in the mirror and got to work!  You don't have to be a "hair person" to become good at styling your hair.  I put my self on a 21 day styling/wear your own hair challenge(because I would retreat under wigs or  braids when I became frustrated) And let me tell you,  most of those styling days were a Bust!! ....It hurts me to show you some of these "fails" but here goes...... I couldn't even do a simple twist out?! (I have plenty of failed styles to share, but there is not enough room on this page for that : ) So I'm sharing some of my attempts at the twist out.

aaaaah...My failed Twist outs

Twist outs seem to be the easiest style for a newly natural to execute, and I couldn't get it down to save my life!  If it didn't look like I'd stuck my finger it a light socket, I was walking around looking like I just rolled out of bed, even though I'd spent 3 hours on my hair the night before.  It was quite frustrating and I wasn't comfortable with my hair, because it wasn't how I wanted to look.   But I pushed forward in my efforts to style my hair at this length and eventually it started to pay off! And it will for you too! 

My mid-length Style 

That awkward length where your natural hair isn't considered short or long can be frustrating style- wise but you will get through it, it just takes patience to figure out what works for you and your hair. Don't give up, it will come together Trust me!!(Major tip to creating a beautiful natural hair style:  Make sure your hair is fully dry before you take down your sets, if its a wash n go, keep your fingers out of your hair.  This will minimize frizz and keep your definition)    To learn more about my journey and how I learned to "work it out" Follow me here at    Until Next time! 

Celebrating Mid-Length Natural Hair

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