Saturday, July 7, 2012

Retain Length with "Natural" Mini-Braids!

Mini Braids removal; a 1/2 inch of length gained! 

Style to hide remaining mini braids

I finally removed all of my mini braid it took 8 days. Yep 8 days! (I was really busy that week)  As I unraveled a few of the braids I would twist them with conditioner and oil.. and hide the remaining braids amongst my twists... (in the pic above there are about 30 braids in my pompadour..wore a twist out for an outing, and put back in twists until I finished) The take down was tedious and very time consuming, and although I was not fond of the take down I really did enjoy wearing my  braids. I was able to wash, condition, and deep condition without being too concerned with shrinkage.  

                                                                                     Wet Mini Braids

These braids were very easy to wash, I simply mixed Apple Cider Vinegar and Water, and then followed with a Cowash.  I added my leave in, and oil, and then  I stretched them slightly in ponytail holders 

Dry Mini Braids days later

Twist out after removing braids

While in my braids I consistently moisturized,oiled my scalp, and sealed my hair strands.  I had minor frizzing but not noticeable.   I was able to retain at least a 1/2 inch of new growth(and I measured to be sure!) So I really enjoyed this protective style,and will revisit it in the very FAR (only because that take down was too time consuming).   My hair has been out for almost a week,  and it's time to put it back into another protective style.. I think I will be doing Medium size twists. : )     

What are you doing to keep your hair protected this Summer? Are you planning on switching it up?

Well! Until Next time! 

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