Sunday, February 24, 2013

Twisted Bun Fun

I'm Still Protecting my Hair

And twists and braids are my favorite way to protect! I attribute twists as one of the best ways to retain length for my hair. (I will do a post about that soon!)  But, I wear them so often that I sometimes run out of ways to style them, and it can get kind of boring?  I am known for wearing my typical half up have down twists or I just pull them up in a Ponytail! 

Moving forward I'm going to start experimenting with different ways to style  my twists so I won't loose my love for them!  You tube is full of twisted updo's and styles so we will see how I do with that!  I found the one I'm wearing below on HonestlyErica's youtube channel! She is awesome. She's always posting interesting styles for Mini Twists and braids.  

Side Swept Twisted Bun/with Halo braided bang.

Well Until Next time!


TheNEW007 said...

Your twists make me want to do my twists LOL! I just haven't made the time. Always doing someone else's hair. And now would be a great time to do them since I'm back in the gym 4x week.

Chan said...

New you are the twists queen girl! I need to check out your YT updates to see how you've been wearing your hair. I understand installing twists is an all day affair,and these aren't even mini's! It does help with the gym!!

1BlessedNatural said...

Beautiful twists! I agree... they are my favorite protective style also!

HonestlyErica said...

Your hair looks wonderful! And thanks for the shout out!!

Chan said...

Thank you Erica! And thanks for being such an inspiration on YT I wish I felt comfortable enough doing those vids!