Friday, March 1, 2013

Keeping Moisture in Your Hair

Freshly washed hair, no product...YET!

Most of us Kinky Curly Coily girls LOVE how our hair look and feel when it's been freshly washed and is still soaking wet with water. But what happens after it dries is just down right wrong,  IF you don't know how to lock in all of that moisture and keep the good feeling going!  Natural hair is very prone to dryness, and dry hair breaks! If  healthy hair and length retention is a goal for you, then you have to keep your hair moisturized. Make no mistakes  moisturized hair "FEELS" Moisturized. It took a lot of trial and error but I can truthfully say that I have learned how to KEEP my natural hair consistently moisturized and so can you!   Here are some tips that  work for my naturally dry hair.  

  • Deep Condition with a natural deep conditioner after every wash (This improves the integrity of your cuticles, it takes moisture and/or  protein deep into the hair strand, and cold rinses locks this in, rinse with cold water) 
  • Limit the use of shampoos or how often you shampoo, especially sulfate shampoos (Shampoos are made to remove dirt and OILS.. Our hair NEED oils, so if you shampoo too often, this could cause your hair to look and  feel drier. Other options are Apple Cider Vinegar rinses, or Co-washes)
  • Limit heat styling (Tools like blow dryers and flat irons pulls moisture out of your hair, so if you are using them regularly you will experience dryer hair, and eventually splitting and breakage) 
  •  Always deep condition after Henna, with a MOISTURIZING deep conditioner.  Henna or any type of Ayurvedic powder use to treat your hair can leave it feeling dry. (Put on a plastic cap and sit under a heat cap,  hooded dryer, thermal wrap, use whatever you need to get a good deep conditioning in after using these powders). 
  • Use a Leave in Conditioner( All of mine are water based, creamy and natural. If your hair is very thick and/or coarse some of the thinner leave ins will not be moisturizing enough.  
  • Apply a Water Based Moisturizer( I use natural moisturizers,  all water based. Oils and butters are not moisturizers)
  • Apply oil after you moisturize, to lock in moisture(I've found that Extra Virgin Olive oil works best for my texture, its light enough to penetrate into the strand of the hair, and heavy enough to leave enough on top to lock in all the moisture that I just applied. ) 
  • Finally, I add moisture to my hair every single day, at least once a day, and lock it in again with my oil. EVERY DAY.

Braid out that had been moisturized all week

*The key for me is to not let  my hair dry out.  How do you know when YOUR hair needs moisture? Just reach up and feel it?  Don't feel like you have to stick to a moisturizing "schedule." Let the way your hair feels dictate when it needs to be moisturized. (or you can add it every day to ensure it never goes dry)   Some women suffering from dryness have shared with me that they will go 2 or more days without adding moisture to their hair, and then wonder why it feels dry.  Our hair NEEDS moisture added, OFTEN.

How do I keep the good feeling going? 

Throughout the week when I am re-moisturizing my hair, I will sometimes spray my hair with a little water, add a  little leave in, moisturizer, and oil before bed.

If you really want to get a handle on dry hair, try these tips, and I can almost guarantee  that your hair will NOT be dry!

Well, Until Next Time!


TheNEW007 said...

Love IT.

I think I talk about these steps too often in my blog, but doing these few things makes un-processed hair so easy to take care of. Eliminate the "dry hair" issue, and everything else just falls into place.

Sabrina Perkins said...

Moisture, moisture, moisture! The key to happy and healthy natural hair. Great tips and a great post.

Hope Reid said...

I love the simplicity of your instructions. I stopped by from naturally beautiful hair. Your hair is beautiful. I'll be adding moisture and following .

zainab1 said...

Great post ! I just came across your blog it offers great tips, ideas and reminders. Thanks for sharing them all.


Chan said...

Thank you ladies for the compliment! Moisture was such a huge obstacle for me to overcome and I know many others suffer from it, and some even think its just their texture so they sort of give up on soft moisturized hair. But I'm here to tell everyone they can have moisturized soft hair and keep it that way.

Fashion Fanatic said...

can you please give a example of a water based mositurizer!! i see you said creams and butters arent. i always thought it was leave in ,then oil, a mositurizer?

Chan said...

@ Fashion Fanatic, water-based meaning the first ingredient in your "moisturizer" is water. Some brands are marketed as moisturizers but are simply oils or styling butters. Some butter mixes do contain water, but you have to check the ingredients list. There are SO many great moisturizers out there and everyone is different so I don't typically suggest a brand unless I am doing a product review. However I personally feel that Hyrdatherma Naturals Daily Growth Lotion, Elasta QP Olive Oil and Mango butter, Bee Mine Lucious Balance Moisturizer, and Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie are all excellent moisturizers.

Chan said...

Oh and as far as the layering order goes. If that works for you and your hair is feeling moisturized then stick with it. But typically putting oil on last has been scientifically proven to keep moisture in. Some people can get away with using a leave in as a moisturizer, so adding oil after that for some people is enough. You have to know your hair and nurture it accordingly.

nappy headed black girl said...

Great post. I used to moisturize every day, too, until I realized my hair didn't need it.

Between the products I use and my frequency of washing I'm normally able to go without moisturizing every day.

Beautiful hair, BTW

Chan said...

Thank You! Yes everyone eventually will do what works for their hair. The key is to moisturize as often as your hair feels like it needs it! Thanks again for reading.

CuteCurlyCurvy said...

Love your hair AND this blog!!! :)

Chan said...

Thank you Cutecurlycurvy! That makes me happy!