Friday, January 14, 2011

Product Review: Best Find of 2010

Shea Moisture Products

Product Junkie is a label that a lot of us have embraced or have tried most of our natural hair journey to avoid! If you were anything like me, you vowed not to let the hype of every new product get the best of you. I did good for a while, but before I knew it I had a little of this, and a little of that, hair products began to quickly take over my bathroom cabinets!  I soon decided after much trial and error to settle on a popular all natural product line that is very good, and inexpensive.

 I'd heard a lot about the Shea Moisture line, but was trying my best to resist the urge to get on another product band wagon. At $9.99 The price tag along was enough to peek my interest, and to know that I could also purchase this product locally was very appealing to me. I got tired of ordering all of my products on line, and as if it the products alone weren't expensive enough,  the shipping charges alone is enough to make you think long and hard about it!    But with the Shea Moisture Line you don't have to break the bank to use all natural products, and it actually exceeds expectations. I love the Curl Enhancing Smoothie!  It leaves my hair soft and shiny!  

Used as a wash n Go product

The Curl Enhancing Smoothie has a very thick consistency and is perfect if you have Medium to thick or coarse hair. My hair is soft for days without me having to  reapply.  Now that it is amazing!   You don't have to use much, and my hair seem to just hold on to the moisture.


The CES is very versatile it can be used as a soft hold wash n go styling aid or, for twists and twist outs. Also I spritz my hair daily with Shea Moisture's  Hold and Shine Hibiscus Mist and it really adds to the shine.  This is by far my favorite line right now for collective reasons.   These products are 100% all natural and there are no hidden artificial ingredients, the price is unbelievable, and it does what it says it will!

I also have used the Cconditioning Curl and  Style milk. It is just the right consistency not too heavy and not too thin. I use it to re moisturize my twist outs, it's perfect! 

I have yet to use the Deep Treatment mask on my own hair but my clients love it!  Stay tuned, because on this year I plan to try their Shampoo and other conditioners. I've really made a Healthy Hair Connection with the Shea Moisture Line, ladies it's worth a second and a third look!  


Petals said...

I love the scent of Shea Moisture products! Now I am definitely inspired to pick up the curl enhancing smoothie on my next Target run.

Chan said...

Hello Ms Petals! You should, it is my favorite product of there's! Thanks for your input!!