Monday, December 20, 2010

Pin Pointing Hair Breakage...

Experiencing hair breakage is frustrating and can leave us feeling quite vulnerable.  If you've ever experienced hair breakage you know the results can put you in a desperate state, we will try just about anything to stop it! 

We will frequent hair salons and beauty supply stores all over town looking for a miracle hair treatment to stop hair breakage instead of trying to pin point the source. This is important because if we don't figure out what's causing the breakage, the cycle will continue.  But, narrowing down the culprit of hair breakage does not have to be a difficult task.  Below I've listed 4 of the most common reasons that lead to hair breakage:


If your hair is frequently treated with chemicals, such as hair relaxers and permanent hair dyes, your hair is extremely prone to breakage. Some believe that because their hair does not immediately show signs of damage that their hair is strong enough to handle the abuse. This is not true. Chemicals breakdown the outer layer of our hair shaft making it weaker and weaker,  over time will cause it to break.  It is also the source of a lot of unexplained breakage.

 Heating Appliances

The frequent use of flat Irons, blow dryers, curling irons, hot rollers etc, these  can all lead to hair breakage. Heat dries the hair out, lead to split ends, dulls the hair, it becomes limp and weak and then eventually show shines of breakage.  Finding hairstyles that does not involve using heat as much, will drastically improve the health of your hair and limit breakage. If you are relaxed limit heat to once a week, or less if you can. If you wear your hair natural most of the time, try to limit your heat styling no more than once a year.   


The frequent use of hair accessories with metal clips, tight rubber bands, tight buns, tight braids, weaves, combs and brushes can all cause breakage.  also constant handling and mamanipulation of the hair can lead to breakage. Be sure to give the hair a break from styling, through safe protective styling and be gentle when handling your hair.


This is a really big issue for ladies, and is often overlooked when hair breakage is experienced. When we are stressed it takes a toll on our skin, nails, and our hair! It's not worth it ladies.We must relax, increase exercise, and eat healthier diets to help  manage the stress in our lives. (Breakage from stress usually manifest in the temples and nape areas of the hair.)

**Pay attention to what you do to your hair, what you add to your regimen, and what you take away. And in most cases you will be able to trace back the cause of your hair breakage.   If you would like more information to help you pin point the cause of your hair breakage please don't hesitate to contact me! 


Chan said...
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UKDiva said...

I've been experiencing hair loss since I used Aloe vera in my hair on the 21st of March of this year. The freaky thing is, my hair loss is evident when it's washed. The hair is all over my back, on the shower walls, my chest, it's really distressing. The ends are so uneven. All you have to do is gently pull on the end & the hair slides out. My right side is thinner than the left side & the nape area is now just 2 inches long in length. I'm a woman who has just past SL hair, so I'm pretty upset that I can't pin point what else could cause this issue.

Chan said...

Hello UkDiva, I"m really sorry to hear this. I know it most be frustrating. Aloe Vera? I've never heard of Aloe Vera causing one's hair to shed but anything is possible as we are vulunerable human beings and can be allergic to almost anything. Atleast you were able to pin point when you began experiencing it so I'm sure you've atleast stop using the Aloe Vera. Trying to pin point hair breakage is almost like trying to figure out what you are allergic to. It's a process of elimination. And we have to document what we are doing to our hair on a regular basis. When I start to experience things with my hair that are not normal. I trace it back to what I introduced that was new, or what I took away. Then I also look at how I am eating, and if I'm drinking enough water. Nutrition is a big part of it. Also for shedding try using Aubery Organics GPB Protein Conditioner, it's all natural and a mild source of protein.(Not harsh)Or you can try any mild protein conditioner. A protein imbalance can also cause the hair to shed, or help minimize the shedding. Try this if you haven't already. I pray that you are back on track soon!! Please check back in to let me know how it's going! . : )