Saturday, December 4, 2010

My Braids: Winter 2010!

So, as I mentioned in a previous post, that I am a big believer in protective styles, and braids are my favorite.  I've tried tons of protective styles throughout my healthy hair journey. Weaves, lace fronts, 1/2 wigs, faux ponies, and none of them last longer than 2 weeks.  When I want to max protect, I need a style that will keep all of my hair completely covered, or it won't work. If I can get to my hair in anyway,  I'm going to mess with it!  Braids are really a healthy median for me, because my scalp can still breath, I can treat my scalp wash, condition, and moisturize my hair while wearing braids. Also, the styling options with braids very versatile, and the hair moves freely and unhindered.      

Braid extensions for some have gotten a bad rep. Braid extensions,  although known for helping retain length, has also been the blame for balding and thinning edges.  But, it is not the braids that cause thinning and balding edges, it's the application and neglect of them This same thing holds true for weaves.   There are several precautions that you must take when installing braid extensions, as well as, maintenance regimens that you must follow prior to going into braid extensions.  Your hair must be in the best condition possible prior to getting braids to ensure the strength, and preservation of your hair. There are 4 things that I attribute to my success with growing my hair out with braids. 
1. I have a strict regimen that I follow with my hair before going into braids.

2. I'm very vocal with my braider on how I "don't" want my hair braided  

3. I take care of my hair while they are in the braids. 

4. After 2 months I take my time and "carefully" remove the braids 

All of these things for me equals positive results after the take down. 

(The hair used in this winter's braid style is Freetress CozyDeep-No. 2)

**Healthy Happy Hair Growing.....

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