Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Be the Boss of your own Hair: Part 2

Hair Loss due to poor styling techniques

Image of broken hair

It is a familiar story,  women who forsake the health of their precious tresses for beauty. Whether it be a chemical relaxer, hair dye, excessive heat, weaves, or braids when it comes to the health of our hair, it's not worth hair loss!   I'm not saying that you should never have these services done on your hair,(its your choice and your hair)  but  I am saying  go into this with your eyes wide open, and keep them open.  I've learned over the years that women put a  TON of trust in marketing promises, braiders, stylist, etc.  And there's nothing wrong with that, as long as you make sure you are informed and knowledgeable about what your hair can and can't handle.  Researching and use of precaution can minimize loss of hair. )  

I've recently had a couple inquiries for  help due to hair breakage or hair lost because of poor styling techniques.  

Case 1: 
bald spot due to micro braids

 In the case above,  the client has medium to fine hair, and was having her hair repeatedly micro braided  with no rest in between for 12 mos straight.  Micro braids are very dangerous, because minute pieces of hair are not strong enough to support the amount of braid hair that is being added to it. Add that to the different styles one  may employ while wearing the braids, and you are asking to be bald!  In this example: The braider was the Boss.  The client was not knowledgeable regarding what the outcome of repeated back to back braid installs would do to her hair.  (and if someone is in the hair care/styling industry to solely make money, they're going to do it?)  Braids should stay in no longer than 2 months and you should always give your hair a good rest in between. Also when taking breaks you can assess how  your hair is fairing.  This will let you know if your hair is healthy enough to go back into your favorite (potentially) damaging hair care practice.  

Case 2:    

Two-strand twists, (put in too tight)

 In this case, all it took was one time!  Braider put the twists in too tight and too small. White bumps began to form within 2 days of installation.  The client stated that she asked the braider to loosen her grip when installing the twists, but instead she braided them in even tighter!  Wow.  This also resulted into immediate hair loss, which followed by even more white bumps and scabs along the hair line as the week progressed.

Twist that popped off! 
Twist was attached to this

Hair was attached to this!

This is completely unacceptable!  Keep in mind that these twists had not been in 2 weeks before all of this took place. These twists were done by a professional braider, and came with a professional price tag. (and she's still paying for it with  her hair)  Needless to say that even more bumps start to form at her nape, more twists came out and left behind more bald spots, even a bloody scab! The clients hair was literally pulled out of the follicle!

Plug where hair and scab use to be!
The braider in this case was the boss again and the client,  a victim.  The client's mistake was not asking the braider to stop braiding, and not walking out.  But thank God she has made the very smart decision to remove all of the twists asap before any more damage can take place.

Please ladies when wearing your favorite protective styles or styling your hair in general, do your research and think about what you're doing to your hair.  Also pay attention to your hair while in these styles.  If there is a potential threat to your strands, then abort!  Maintaining the health and length of your "own" hair is the primary goal.    Remember you are the Boss of your own hair. 

Next time.... Healthy Happy Hair Growing!!  : )

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