Thursday, April 21, 2011

I've finally tried Bentonite Clay!

I finally decided to take the plunge and try Bentonite Clay to cleanse my hair.  I've been a bit reluctant because most shampoos (even all natural ones) tend to strip my hair, and make it feel dry.  I've recently seen a lot of convincing reviews from naturals with my similar hair texture, and decided why not, I've tried everything else!

The clay was very easy to mix but, I must say the application was messy, the texture is a lot looser than Henna or Cassia so it was sorta flying all over the place. But I'm use to messy applications so it was  not that big a deal to me.  After I finished applying, I had so much left over I decided to do a face mask!

If you decide to try Bentonite Clay you will find that it has several uses as a purifier.  Amazing! After I rinsed my hair, and face they both felt so smooth and soft. My hair was so clean, and the softness unbelievable, I didn't  even have to detangle!  

Rinsed(wet hair)

My hair has NEVER felt this good after a cleansing session, my hair wasn't dry or stripped and it even helped defined my coils more! I don't know why I held out so long on Bentonite Clay, it is definitely a keeper for me.  Man, I love Healthy Happy Hair care! 



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I LOVE Bentonite Clay. Been using it for my hair and skin for over a year:)