Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Natural Hair Mile stone for Chan!

Braid outs!!

   Okay, so I've been growing my all natural hair for about two years, 17 months all natural. And this entire time I've been dying to get an acceptabl braid out.  When I was relaxed I could do beautiful braid outs with no problem, but I soon learned with natural hair, (especially with my thickness) that it was no easy task! Every time I'd try one it would be a flop! I finally realized what I was doing wrong. No. 1 I wasn't allowing my hair enough time to dry, so when I'd take my hair down the next morning, my definition would be gone in minutes!

First successful one!

This photo is actually the next morning, of the first successful one that I've had, I was so excited that I didn't want to touch it!  I've been doing them all week and I've also learned not to braid the hair too wet but about 95% dry,(dry in big twists) this helps my hair stretch, and gives it time to dry overnight. 

Day 2 Braid out

I love the diversity that each day brings!!(once the air hits it, it gets fuller! loves it)

Whenever I want a slightly different pattern or look, all I have to do is plait larger or smaller section, and with less or more product, I love making progress with my natural hair! Please visit my fotki album to learn more about about the steps I take to perfect my braid out styles!(they can only get better from here : )


Anonymous said...

i love your thickness!
your braid outs look nice, and you use all the same pointers I use.

Chan said...

Thank you gorgeousgab!! I use to complain about the thickness now I love it! ..Cassia and Henna helps with that too! Gotta love youtube and fotki! that's where I get most of my pointers from : )