Sunday, February 22, 2015

My Update, and Natural Hair/ Crochet Braid Mania!

Well Heeeey! Happy New year. Lol.  Yes, I'm still here! My apologies, I know  I have been on  a serious  hiatus from my blog.  After  recovery from surgery I hit the grown running and have not looked back.  I haven't had time to!  I praise God for an awesome recovery, I am truly grateful!

 My clients have been keeping my calendar booked tight!  I am definitely grateful for the business but I do  need to find a peaceful balance. Rest is a must.   During my "hiatus"   my husband and I turned 40,  we had to celebrate those milestones.  We also  moved during this time and we are still trying to get settled.  It's been a minor whirl wind in the last 4 months,  and I'm sure I have left something out!

Okay  now on to the business of hair!  

Have you  noticed  how the  interest in natural hair, and crochet braids has exploded  within the last 4 to 5 months!!?  True, there has been a great shift in the last 2 or 3 years  with women transitioning or big chopping, but these last 5 months I've had "new" people pouring into my salon.  They all have had enough of chemical relaxers.  This is music to my ears because we have awesome hair, and didn't know it until now!

Source: Instagram  

I saw this photo, and  it blew me away!  I am so proud of the women who've decided to give their natural hair a try, and many have remained this way.   This is definitely worth a future blog post!

Curly or kinky Crochet braids also seems to be the style of choice for those considering natural hair, or transitioning.  A couple years ago I had a client ask if I would start offering crochet braids, and I wasn't too sure about  it.  Well fast forward a couple more years, and boy I am glad that I did! 

 These braids are awesome, my clients fell in love with them and so did I.  Since then,  Crochet braids has become my most requested service!  Thanks ladies!! You know who you are : ).   The curl patterns and textures offer many different looks. The Kinky or Curly textures  give  those who are interested in going natural a chance to try out the look before making their decision, that's just awesome.  
Marley Hair Braided out &  Twist out below 

  Also, those who are currently natural love that they can keep their all natural look with out constant manipulation to their  own natural hair.  Many are saying it trumps  the "wiggy" look they get from  full sew ins.  Best of all, you can still get to your scalp!  You can wash, scratch, and oil your scalp as well as wash and moisturize the braids underneath,  It is perfect!   And the style lasts up to 2 months. 

I guess I can see why the sudden obsession with Crochet braids. Using curly hair is on thing, but now ladies are using straight,wavy,kinky,curly,  and twisted hair to crochet and create several different looks without the stress.  Some  are even leaving their edges out(like a sew in) to blend and get an unbelievable natural look! 

Instagram Source: Beautycanbraid 

Wow talk about the rebirth of a style!  These modern Crochets Braids  are taking the natural hair care, and styling world by storm!   Yep,  our natural hair is beautiful, and it's  beautiful enough to emulate.  

That is huge.      

Well Until Next time!! 


Joan B. in S. C. said...

These different styles are beautiful. My only problem would be with am I moisturizing and sealing my natural hair well.

Chan said...

Hello Joan, Thanks for reading! Actually It is extremely easy to moisturize your hair with crochet braids in. S curl no drip is perfect. You just part the hair, and spray the cornrow braid liberally and squeeze the product in. Its a mixture of conditioner, glycerin, and oil. Your hair is really soft when you take come out. I've done it with my own hair several times, as well as my several clients. And best of all their hair grows very well, with no breakage.

LaWanna Thompson said...

HELP ME PLEASE! My hair is in its natural state which is VERY kinky and dry as a bone. My edges are thin from tight braiding so I tried to cover it with a sew in (I hate it!). My desire is to go natural but I don't know where to start. Please help!

Chan said...

Hello Lawana I would have to speak with you in detail about what your current hair care practices are in order to fully make recommendations that may help you. I will say that Hydratherma Natural's Follice mist has helped keep my edges strong as well as some other people that I've recommended it to. You can check it out at As for dryness you have to use true moisturizers, meaning its water based, (water is the first ingredient on the list) Also if you are using shampoos you may want to make sure there are no sulfates or make sure you are not over using shampoos in general because they can really strip natural kinky hair. Deep conditioning after every wash helps improve moisture mention as well. If you want to book a telephone consultation with me you can book online at Thanks!