Sunday, April 27, 2014

My Microlocks Journey!

My Shake n Go Baby locs! 

 Hello Natural Beauties! I hope you are  staying inspired to grow  your best head of Healthy Happy Hair?   I have been trying to get back here to write for 3 weeks now!  I do have a few things to share that should help spice up your natural hair care game, but first, I wanted to share what I've been into! 

  Yah  I know my title gave it away lol.   I've decided to start locking my hair!  It was an option I had been entertaining for at least a year and a half now.  I've always admired locs since year two of my natural hair journey but never thought I could or would do it.  In my research I found that there are several ways to start locking as well as several lock sizes that you could choose from that best fit your personality and lifestyle.   I narrowed it down to Sister locks and Micro Braid locs.  In the end Microbraid locs proved to be the best way for me to begin this journey.   I had 276 my micro-braid locks installed on 4-22-14 at Nappybliss Salon in Desoto, Texas.  

 Will interlocking new growth every 4-6 weeks

Some people were surprised that I decided to go this route, because my hair is/was " SOO Pretty"   What's that suppose to mean?  More on that when I start my new blog highlighting my new journey with microlocs.  But,  if you've actually read my blog posts about my regimen and process lately you could probably see the writing on the wall. lol.     

Love that its already full..I want full mature locs!

What lead to this final decision:  

After being a loose natural for 4.5 years I'd reached a point where I was no longer  enjoying my natural hair care routine/process.  I began to loath my wash days which began to take  3 days to complete from beginning to end(end meaning, my final desired style).  Because of my business schedule I rarely finished my hair in one day.  (And on those in between days, I was always looking crazy trying to conceal "the transformation").    I was spending so much time on my hair the longer it got, that I felt  I was starting to miss out on my life!  I felt I wasn't enjoying my natural hair in its full glory, but more so trying to maintain it and look presentable. Any extra styling flare had been placed on the back burner. My wash days had taken enough out of me.  And while I do natural hair for a living, by the time I got home I had no strength for my own?  I even cut it in February about 3 inches off,  which gave me some what of a fresh wind.... but that was short lived. lol. 

Whenever my hair was styled out it was always gorgeous to me. It's what people see.  But people, there is a process, and you have to be at peace with your process, before and after the style.  (Every person's Hair texture, density, lifestyle, skill level, patience level, and work schedule will dictate what your process is and how long it takes)    Natural Hair care processes are never one size fits all.   I have learned that my quick fix to problem areas are not always helpful to others because of the things I just mentioned, and vice versa.   I had began to complain so much about my process to detangle that I was starting to get on my own nerves!  Nothing I tried was ever good enough for me on saving time.  I was also starting to leave styles in longer and stretching out my wash weeks.  Whenever I did have time to do my hair, I was so tired from working I didn't want to do it. That really wasn't fair to my precious loose locks.   

Final loose hair shot.. hair shrunken from prev style. 

I finally had to admit that I was over my process, not my natural hair! lol.. I love my natural hair:  the texture, thickness, and kinky-curls.  I also love that natural hair can be locked and still look beautiful.

 I've done my research and I know locks are not NO maintenance, but  they are  LOWER maintenance.  I promised my self at the beginning of this year that I would enjoy my hair  and not stress over it but celebrate my freedom to wear my hair naturally, and as I please.  So Here's to my Natural Hair Freedom..

**exhaling**  Peace...I feel Great!   SO!  What recent turns has your Natural hair Journey taken?  

Stay next post will focus on proven natural hair growth aides!  


Alta Angel said...

They are beautiful! What maintenance is required? How often do they have to be re-twisted?

Alta Angel

Chan said...

Well Hello Alta Angel! How've you' been? I"ve missed you on Fotki, are you still posting there? Thanks for the compliment! Well I will be interlocking the roots as the new growth comes in every 4 to 6 weeks. I will have it done by the locktician the first couple times or when my schedule allows and I myself will be maintaining the touch ups as well.

The daily maint is very low right now. I only have to spray with a sea salt water mixter daily and I also spray with Aloe Vera Juice and water. That's it! I will wash at least once a week with a clarifying non moisturizing shampoo. She gave me another concoction to use as a leave in after my first wash which isn't for another week. Very low maint. And really NO products... That alone has me super excited!

Africa McDaniel said...

No products?

Keep us posted on how that works out. I can't imagine how you go from deep conditioning and maintaining moisture to almost the opposite and your hair not be a lil light upset.

Chan said...

Hey Africa! Nope no products! And my hair is definitely going through a shock because I was a serious product user.. My hair stayed full of butters,oils,and moisturizers. So this has been natural hair detox for real.. My hair has responded better than what I expected lets just say that. lol. It has been dry and frizzy but I know after my first wash It will feel a little better as for the frizz its gonna be here for a while, so me and my hair will have to get over it. lol.

nappy headed black girl said...

Congrats on your new natural hair stage. I can relate to the reasons you decided to dread. I was simply tired of messing with my hair all the time. One day I woke up and just decided I wanted to dread.

I also understand the "but your hair was so pretty" comments. To some dreads are the ultimate in nappy, unkempt hair. It's unfortunate there's so much misinformation out there about them.

I'm glad you did your research and found the method that works best for you. I'm excited to follow your progress.

Chan said...

@nappy headed Black girl! Thank you so much yes I am really excited about my decision and can't wait to see how my hair turns out. I can already tell that this is the ultimate in patience when it comes to natural hair because there's not much that you can control while they are maturing. So You should have lots to follow because I am already full of how, what and whys and Im just on my second week..will be starting another blog Healthy Happy Locs!
To help me document my journey.

Wittychiq said...

Hi! I agree that you have to do what works for you. 3 days for washing routine sounds tedious. Your hair is beautiful!

Chan said...

Hello Wittychiq thanks for commenting I appreciate the compliment. Yes even though I have my preference and fav hair choices, I have always been a big advocate for "do what works for your hair". I know many have opinions on what the next person should or should not be doing to their hair but at the end of the day, you're the one there alone dealing with that. Not the people making the comments so I will always make my hair decisions based on me! lol.

lindab said...

Beautiful..i love there a difference between micro locks and sister locks i too have been entertaining the idea of locking

Chan said...

Hello Lindab, yes there is a difference as far as how they are started and which tools are used. Sister locks are interlocked from the ends all the way up to the roots on day one, they are installed by a certified sister lock consultant and they use their special tool.

Microbraid locks are started with a tiny braid and then once the roots grow out the new growth is interlocked every 4 to 6 weeks. Also, with Sisterlocks they are typically anywhere from 300 to 400 locks or more. With braid locks you don't have to have a standard amount really. Sisterlocks are waayyy more expensive starting at 500.00 for 4inches of hair and depending on your length it can go up to $1200 or more. Really Once they mature I don't think most people can tell the difference, as a matter of fact, I already have people asking me if I have sister locks? lol? Not that I"m trying to pass them off as sister locks, but apparently they do look very similar and especially once they mature. Which is awesome if you are considering sister locks and can't afford the price?

TheNEW007 said...

I love it! Have fun with your locks. I will be tuned in especially because my husband is trying to lock (trying lol), and is having the frizz problem. I'm already taking some tips from you by way of product (aloe vera gel), which I told him to use but he didn't listen to me (what's new) :o) Keep me posted.

Jennifer Cosby said...

SO BEAUTIFUL! I wish you well in your Journey! My reason to loc is about the same as your reason; I would almost pass out in the shower trying to wash and detangle and twist my hair so it wouldn't re-tangle, and I would only pull it back because styling my super thick tresses was too much! I have always wanted locs and have tried to obtain them twice before, but I wasn't knowledgeable or patient enough. Now I am and at 10 weeks Braidlocked, I am LOVING them!

Chan said...

Hello Jennifer thank you so much! Well that is awesome news that you are so far along with your locks. I'm sure choosing the braid locks to start this time really helped. I did a lot of research an these seem to be the best option for my personality and lifestyle.. I am 4 months in and still loving mine. Of course we have a ways to go. : ) I know around month 8 to 10 they are gonna start doing all kinds of interesting things!! Braidlocks take the longest to mature out of all the options but they are also the neatest option while going through the teenage phase.

Chan said...

And OH! Jennfier, its you from youtube! LOL... I saw your locks on instagram that are so NICE looking I Love them. I"m very excited of for you!

MadeInJamaica said...

Hey Chan, saw a pic of you on Pinterest and followed the trail here! So glad I did. I've been drooling over sisterlocs lately because of all the reasons you stated. My hair has grown out from my second BC and I am currently sitting here on day 2 of the "process" trying to figure out a style to keep me sane for a couple weeks at a time lol. figured mini braids would suffice, but reading into this, i just may leave those suckers in! I'd love an update on the current stage of your braid locs. I'm gonna head on over to fotki to see if you've updated. I haven't been on in a while.

Chan said...

Hello MadeinJamaica!! Wow its been so long I haven't seen you on any sites, its great to hear from you! Yes I am still on fotki, and I do have some updates there as well as on instagram @chawthorne3. Yes that "process" can be draining if your schedule does not allow for a 2 to 3 days of being in your hair.. I Just want to finish my hair in one session and be done! lol. So I do get it. I am really loving the decision that I have made to lock....I am going into my 7 month of being locked. It is a slow process when you start with longer hair, and of course when you start with braids. But I'm good! As long as I don't have to detangle...I can wait... : )