Tuesday, June 11, 2013

"Pros and Cons of Long Natural Hair | What To Expect"..-Naptural 85!

Are you constantly wishing, hoping, and praying for more length as you try to adjust to your newly natural hair?  While its' true there are those who don't desire to have longer hair, there are more than enough women, that  just can't wait.  I use to be one of those women, and now that I have long natural hair, I love it! However, long natural hair comes with a whole lot of.......lets just say.. love and appreciation for the shorter stages!  

My short  Coily natural Hair w/3yr post comparison

Long natural hair in kinky curly state

So,  I was indulging in an old favorite pass time, and I came across a vlog from one of my faved You tube vloggers Naptural 85.  She recently did a video about the Pros and Cons of Long natural hair and I loved it!  Everything she has to say is SO true and I thought her points were definitely worth sharing.  We all need to know what is actually waiting on us past 10 inches!   Most of us are so busy wanting to get to that next level in our journey,(primarily more length)  that we are unable to fully enjoy where we are. If you constantly desire to have long natural hair check out Naptural 85's  video below for all the pros and cons! I for one can say that I didn't expect most of what I have been encountering with my much desired longer natural hair and would have loved a video like this before I actually reached this stage!  Check it out! 

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