Friday, January 4, 2013

Get Healthier Hair in 2013!

How to obtain HealthierHair in 2013!

So, if you're reading this post you were blessed to make it out of 2012 and into 2013!Yay us, we get another chance to improve the quality of our lives!   It’stime to set new goals and resurrect old ones.  I’m sure by now you have your lists all madeout, but hopefully as it pertains to how you can obtain the hair you want you will add some of my favorites below! 

1.      Accept the facts about “your” hair.  (Learn to embrace the characteristics of yourthick, fine, curly, cottony, coily, wavy, kinky, and even heat damaged hair,and work with it.).      

2.      Be patient. Give your new healthyregimen at least 2 months before you abandon it.
3.      Deep condition your hair after everywash. (Apply a plastic cap and generate heat for atleast 30 minutes).
4.      Heat style less. (Only you know howoften is too often, and so does your hair! take longer breaks from the heat)
5.      Don’t make drastic changes with yourhair out of frustration (This will always set you back!)
6.       Moisturize your hair more often. (If it feelsdry, you aren’t using enough. Use all natural moisturizers that penetrate thehair shaft.)
7.       Use protein conditioners when needed.(learn  more about Moisture-ProteinBalance)
8.      Manipulate your hair less. (Keep yourhair protected, wear styles that limit daily handling)
9.      Love and respect your Hair. (Thispiggy backs with no. 1, when you love your hair you treat it better!)
10.   Believe in what you’re doing and where you’regoing-Keep your eye on the prize!  (Inorder to be successful you have to believe that you can be.

(If you arerelaxed or use chemicals in your hair, resolve to chemically treat your hair less,stretch out  your sessions and find morenatural alternatives to achieve the looks you want!)

Above aresome of my favorites for obtaining strong, healthy, beautiful hair! Try them,commit to them, and see don’t you end this year with a better head of hair!  Until Next time!   


Angela W. said...

Great tips! Thanks for sharing ;)

Silkee said...

Great post Chan. Happy New Year.