Monday, July 25, 2011

How to tackle Tangles and Knots

If you have  kinky tightly coiled hair, you know that tangles and knots come standard, and can be very frustrating.  A simple detangling session or styling mishap does not have to end with you pulling out the scissors.  With  patience and the proper technique you can remove almost any tangle or knot you encounter without having to cut all your hair off!
  Here are some tips on how to minimize tangles  
·         To minimize knots, first finger detangle your hair prior to wetting it. Remove as many  tangles as you can in it's dry state.  You can use oils and a slippery conditioner to help remove large tangles
·         If needed use a shower comb to assist in the detangling
·         Follow with a Denman brush or some detangling tool that will remove all shed hairs (leaving behind shed hairs can cause them to become trapped later which causes severe tangles, knots, and a not so smooth styling session.  
·       After a wash, plait the hair or place the hair in sections in a stretched state (when natural hair is in a stretched state it cannot coil upon itself and become knotted or tangled)
·         Allow the hair to partially dry in a stretched state and then proceed to style your hair
·         After removing protective styles finger comb all shed hairs out of your hair before washing (if you do not do this, once wet all shed hairs will become locked around the other hairs making them almost impossible to remove.

When you encounter Tangles or Knots
·         Don’t Panic, immediately saturate the hair with conditioner and oil, or something that will give you a lot of lubrication
·         Massage the conditioner and oil into the hair strands
·         Do NOT rake downward into the center of the tangle, but slowly pull hairs away from the center of the tangle until all of the tangles are out
·         Try to only use your fingers to remove most of it to cut down on breakage.  Once all the hair is free, you can follow up with your detangling tool to make sure all shed hair is out.
·         If you have a knot, press the product into the core of the knot(this softens and breaks it down), then try to pull hairs away from the center of the knot.
·         Work slowly and very patiently, if you’re frustrated or impatient get ready for the scissors!

To prevent this?

Remember: Detangle w/fingers First

Follow up w/detangling tool

Put into a stretched state

 I can count on one hand how many times I’ve had to cut my hair because there was a knot or tangle that I couldn’t remove.  In most cases, when you follow these tips you can save yourself from an unnecessary trim or hair cut due to  tangles or knots.     Until Next time, keep it Healthy and Happy!

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tangled hair techs said...

Great tips, because when dealing with tangles and knots you will have to tackle them if you do not have the correct instructions.

We agree with you concerning the use of detangle brushes, because they can sometimes like conditioners make the matts,tangles or knots worse.

We suggest the Take Down Remover/Detangler cream-which can be used with a detangle brush. This product works on every type of hair texture-every time.

You don't have to mix products-which can be very frustrating.