Monday, November 15, 2010

Protective Styling.....

Braid Extensions

With the winter season closely approaching, protective styling becomes extremely popular amongst healthy hair growers! Whether you protect your hair to shield it from harsh weather climates, to retain length, or simply take a break from styling your hair, protective styling is a must if you wish to grow and maintain a healthy head of hair.   

 To wear a protective style simply means to shield or cover. It is essentially keeping the ends of your hair tucked away. Our ends are the oldest and most fragile part of our hair.  The protection of our ends is imperative if we wish to grow and maintain a healthy hair length.  (You can also opt for ultimate protectective styling from heat and excessive handling due to styling by covering all of your hair.) 

Half  Wig

When we protect the ends of our hair, we have fewer to no split, or frayed ends.   Did you know, the more you protect your ends, the fewer trims you'll need, and the longer your hair will become? If you answered yes, then you're already ahead of the game! If not, then what are you waiting for?  It's time you made a healthy hair decision, and choose a protective style!

 Here are a few options:(most extensions should stay in no longer than 2 months at a time when you're protecting for health)

  • Braid Extensions(medium sized, not too tight )
  • Two strand twists extensions
  • Wigs (full cap or 1/2)
  • Full sew in weaves( not too tight please)
  • Scarves
  • All natural two-strand twists(in updo, or pinned)
  • Buns
  • Updo's
  • Faux Pony tails

What's your favorite protective style? (mine is obvious!)

Braids( in an updo)

*Happy Healthy Hair Growing!!!


Brenda said...

Excellent thoughts Chan. My favorite protective style has become the pinned twists. I keep my hair twisted 90% of the time and more often than not, they are pinned now that I have a little more length.

Chandra said...

I love your pinned twist they are a PS that should definitely be added to the list, and at 90% wearing time you should be getting pretty good length retention! Good job Brenda, and thanks for posting!

CorporateNapps said...

Great protective styling.

Nikki Renee said...

Chandra, I love the braids!!! I have chosen not to do protective styling because I just chopped my hair in October and I love playing with it! LOL!! By the way, this is Nikki (your newest friend on FB). Keep up the good work!

Chandra said...

Hey Nikki!! Thanks for your support...yes I can understand when you are newly natural you need that time to aquaint yourself with your new love! But your PS time will come some! lol

Diedre said...

I like the updo!

Ej said...

I love those braids. What kind of hair did you use? I want to do a protective style and it caught my attention. (you have on a pink blouse)

Chan said...

Hello EJ, Thank you!! This is Tango Curl by FreeTress.. Thanks for stopping by!

Kezia N. Thomas said...

Hello, I actually started doing a protective style without even realizing. I was using too many heating products and my hair was feeling brittle so I started deep conditioning and wrapping my hair and allowing it to air dry, I wore a scarf to sleep at night and within two months my hair was below shoulder. I use no blow drying and I deep condition every week and wear a stylish scarf when I leave the house. I am trying this until next summer which is 6 months away so I am so glad I started this routine, my hair is so soft, I use olive oil and shea butter treatments but I am going to try some coconut oil deep conditioners next week and see how well it works.