Wednesday, December 7, 2016

OOOOH this is indeed A Journey!

Sisterlocked 5 weeks

Okay,  I'm starting to sound like a broken record.  "It's been so long since I've blogged here!" Atleast I got back before the year was gone!  Lol.   How have you been?  I hope your life has been going well and that you've been in control of your beautiful crowns.    What's new with your natural hair journey?  Please share.    Well as you can see I have journeyed back to locks. But this time Sisterlocks.  I know, I felt crazy when I began to have the same feelings that sent me running into my braid locks a couple years ago.  I ended my braidlock journey because I missed having big hair, and because of lint build up in my nape. 

 I was excited to be back to my fro, but after awhile that work of detangling, wash day, and three day prep and style was wearing on me again. Plus, I kinda missed my locks!?  Man when I tell you I felt CRAZY.. I had never been so conflicted in my life on how I wanted to continue my natural hair journey.  I love being natural that one thing will NEVER  change, but how I wanted to continue my natural Journey?  Now that had me in a "go long" as my mother would say!  

A couple months before Sisterlocks. 

Medium Twists(home base)

After an additional year of washing, detangling, twisting, crocheting, twisting, and wondering what I am going to do with my natural hair next.  I had come to a crossroads again! What do I want to do with my hair long term?   I  LOVE my natural hair but I had to make a decision on what mattered to me more, my peace and time, or my love for my big fluffy natural hair. And babes,  peace and time won out!  My hair is so time consuming, and I don't want to live in two strand twists and braids. Which was happening a lot. So yah, the big hair that I took my locks down for, I was rarely sporting.  And when I was in a protective style I found my self planning for the next one before I could enjoy the one I had. And when my hair was out I was counting down the days until I had to wash and detangle again.  (uggggh)   This cycle had to end.  I just wanted to enjoy my natural hair with out all the "fuss" so I found my self skimming over my old braid lock pics, to see if it was really "that" flat.  Also I started looking at lock inspiration photos again, in particular Sisterlocks.  I started to come across sister lock'd  beauties and specifically the ladies below and thought, hold up?  They have really full hair, fluffy hair, and its locked? I can do this!  I can continue on like this and feel good about my natural hair. 

Gorgeous right!?   (Please be sure to look them up on instagram! They are always serving up beautiful lock pics!)  

I decided to start sisterlocks because I would have more of them, which would yield a fuller head of locks for me.  I can wear my hair down as much as I want to, and not worry about tangles, excessive shrinkage, or my ends.   My natural hair is dense, full and thick. I wanted to  make sure that if I went this route that I could expect my sisterlocks to be full and thick, just like  "my" natural hair.  I didn't want my strands to be suppressed if that makes sense?    My consultant assured me that my hair had the potential to do this.  Now I know natural hair textures and densities are like a fingerprint,  so I am not expecting to have the exact same set of locks as these ladies or others that I crush on. But I do want them full, as long as its full,  I'm good!  

So I am five weeks in, and I am loving this new journey. I have a lot to share so I will be blogging more regularly now.  I also have some topics concerning this journey "long term" that I'd like to discuss. I am running into a lot of long term naturals who are kind of over their natural hair , like actually thinking about going back to relaxers and that scares me! So we need to talk about this.  

 If you have any un answered questions regarding natural hair care please leave me your questions.  If you would like me to discuss certain topics let me know! Shoot me an email or leave it in the comments.   I feel I have discussed everything under the sun as it pertains to natural hair care on this blog over the last 7 years.   But, I know  there are still some questions out there, and I don't mind answering  them : ) Well Until Next time!!  


KJ said...

I love it Chan. You and Renee really make me want to take the leap but I think my hair is too thin. Ha!

Accountable to God said...

Lol Kyra? Your hair is NOT thin!??? But, their are a lot of women with thin low hair density that get siserlocks. I would not put your hair into that category. Also I don't think Renee's hair is that thicker than yours? You guys are about the same with density and thickness if I can recall. Plus you have to keep in mind that they fill out and plump up. What you start with is not how it will be for the duration. If you are really interested in sisterlocks you should go have a consultation and see what she says about your hair. Also I know for a fact if they think your hair is thin or low density they give you a pattern that will allow your hair to fluff out more and they also give you more locks so you will have more coverage. It's a really great system that they have. I personally feel like everyone can wear them, now if you were actually going bald that wold be a concern.

Nicole said...

Hey Chan, so glad started this blog back up. I am so lost at times (I'm only about 5 weeks in) but I'm determined to see this curly natural thing out to see what the end gone be☺
I'm going to research these sister locks as I have no idea how they work (as in, is it exertions, all your own hair, etc.) Thanks for all your help!!

Accountable to God said...

Hey Nicole!! Thank you, yes I have neglected to write here for too long. I am happy to be back! Trust me at only 5 weeks in you have a lot to discover! It's a fun journey though. You will enjoy getting to learn your loose natural hair. Yes you should definitely research sisterleocks if not but just to be nosey! LOL.. I believe I started looking at them over 5 years ago, so I was well educated on the matter before I decided to get them. Plus back then I was really enjoying learning what all my loose natural hair could do!

Check Pinterest for photos of sisterlocks at different stages (there are 4 stages) Also Pinterest for inspiration photos Loose curly natural hair and Sisterlocks! They are all over pinterest. Youtube for video of people with sisterlock testimonies. Of course they look different on everyone its based on your hair type, thickness and density as to which outcome you will likely receive.

Unknown said...

Is your current sisterlocks set fuller than your previous braid loc set?

Accountable to God said...

@Cj Yes they are. I have more locks. They started out fuller and will continue grow and thicken. Once I reach 17 months with this set I am going to compare them to my braid locks at 17 months! Thanks for reading!

NubianLockedPrincess said...