Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Trader Joe's Comes to North Dallas!

I'm Officially In love with Trader Joe's!! 

Conditioners, Shampoos, Jojoba oil 

 Yaaaay! Sept 7th Trader Joe's made it's arrival in North Dallas! Let me tell you, I have been hearing about Trader Joe's since I began my natural hair journey 4 years ago.   I use to watch youtube videos with all these women raving over Trader Joe's conditioner.  I was dying to try this "new" brand of conditioner only to find out that it was not just a brand of conditioner but an entire organic food store!  And there was not ONE  anywhere in the Dallas/Ft Worth area..  But, thankfully I had a friend whose mother cared enough to send her care packages from Atlanta, GA, she gave me three bottles and oh my gosh I was hooked!   But the only problem was, once they were gone, that was it!   So when I got the news that we were getting a Trader Joe's, not just one but three, I was like WOW I could not wait...So needless to say I was there on opening Day!

My 3rd Trip! : )

Trader Joe's hasn't been here a week and I've already been 3 Times. I know it's kind of crazy but I can;t help it! They are so inexpensive I couldn't believe the prices for their produce and all of their organic food.  We are not use to getting this kind of  food for such great prices. I've been turning all of my family and friends on to Trader Joe's and they love it too!  My hair, my stomach, and my pocket book is very pleased. 

This is the beginning of a BEAUTIFUL relationship!

Long live Organic Eating and Healthy Hair Care!!